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(Leslie Young) #1

MapNav 2 will help you get started with a game where you need a tile or node based grid. This is useful for strategy games and board games.

It has various functions you will need when working with a grid map in these types of games; like getting the neighbouring tiles, or finding a path from one tile to another.

Have a look at Battlemass 2, a game that were build with a basic version of this kit; or the Webplayer Sample. You can also grab the PDF Documentation to learn more about the features available in the kit and API.

Videos related to this tool will be uploaded under this playlist.

  • Full source code (C#)

  • Easily create and use custom node/ tile class for properties specific to your game

  • All node/ tile data stored in one dimensional array with functions to work with the row and column position of a tile or directly with the tile index into array

  • Inspector tools to help with creating and laying out the grid

  • Flat-top and Pointy-top Hexagon nodes/ tile layout supported

  • Axial and Square (even/ odd-offset) Hexagon node grid supported

  • Square nodes/ tiles with 4 or 8-neighbour option

  • A* algorithm used to calculate a path

  • Various functions needed to work with a grid of nodes, see documentation for more info on what is available in the API

The MapNav2 problem of usage
(Brandon Miles) #3

Hello Leslie. First time poster. Been using Plygame for the last month or so. Thanks for the great product/support.

Curious as to how easily MapNav can be integrated with Plygame?

I’m making a dungeon crawler where the dungeons are created at runtime. I do not have unity pro, so I can’t use the navmesh obstactle features, or bake a navmesh at runtime. So, I’m looking to replace navmesh. Would this be a viable option, while still allowing my player and npc’s to move as if they are on a navmesh, and keeping npc controller script and other similar functionality?

(Leslie Young) #4

This tool is not a real-time path finding solution. It is more for games like Battlemass or other turn-based strategy and board-type games or games where characters move on a grid and stay within the grid spacing. You might be better off with something like A* Pathfinding Project for what you want to do or maybe just Unity’s build-in solution since it is available in the non-Pro versions.

If your character do turn-based type movement in your game then MapNav might be ideal. Using it in plyGame (and I assume with the RPG module) would mean you need new character controllers that makes use of MapNav’s grid when moving character - you would need a custom controller anyway if your game used turn or grid like movement rather than the included controllers which does real-time movement.