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Wrapping up the plugin. Was finishing up the crafting plugin and a Full game kit for you guys to be released soon. (hint: TCG)

Should be done with yours mid day. Stay tuned.

(Jamie pearce) #9

Thanks MotE i look forward to seeing how you get this done



So you basically are wanting a spellbook right? And you want to be able to send those skills to a skill bar via a popup menu?


that could be nice, i wasnt able to equip skills on the bar with the Icon relative on the item either skill, you should make a new whole rpg_ui, with drag n drop right on the slots cause the only way plygame works is to click on skills and click on the slots to equip… you could also use a design which i can give u for free for the new UI, its not a big deal, it needs maybe some few elements but for the main part its pretty nice. just msg me if u need it :slight_smile:



Yea im making that right now. Itll basically function as a spellbook that’ll allow you to allocate a skill to a specific slot on your action bar.

Its almost done.


@premiumgamer @darkxside

The package is now ready. Head over to the official thread to pick it up.

(Jamie pearce) #14

I dont need the skill bar im gonna have the skill menu always open for my game and i wanted 2 buttons one that uses the skill and one that will remove the skill.

I guess i can re work it thanks a bunch

(Benjamin Stanley) #15

Will shoot you a PM instead.

(Jamie pearce) #16

Very nice and easy for me to modify thanks



Thats always the goal with these plugins! Have fun!

(Robert) #18

I wonder if it would be possible to integrate this with InventoryPro it has a nice toolbar and inventory plugin for plygame but no skillbook setup do you own inventorypro?



Since InventoryPro is an inventory system there wouldn’t need to be any relation with the 2 for integration. You would just use them.

Unless you are wanting them to be integrated for a purpose i cant see.

(Reno) #20

Not sure if this is within the scope of the open requests, but I think a harvesting system would complement the crafting system very well. For example, chopping down trees, mining rock/ore, picking/planting crops, etc. Also, a placing crafted objects system similar to what you’d find in Don’t Starve could be very fun. This second idea could tie into the planting crops. Hope the ideas aren’t uninteresting. :slight_smile:


Thats super simple. Ill prob make something soon. The thing is, the method of action will be different depending on what type of game you are making. So FP will have a totally different style than TopDown (generally speaking).

FP games usually will just require you being close enough to perform an action in a radius, such as swinging a pick in front of a vein of gold 5 times will produce 1 gold nugget. TopDown games usually will add pathing and automate the movement to the gathering radius along with doing the gathering for you.

If anything ill start with an TopDown gathering/placement add-on for the crafting system, then if i get more interest ill add a FP method. Reason being is that most people dont have first person plyGame projects, most people are using the standard controllers.

Stay tuned, i might get something done tonight.

(Reno) #22

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thank you for all the awesomeness you provide to the community!



The systems have been added to the crafting plugin. Download the newest version.

(Reno) #24

Thank you so much! Can’t wait to take a look!

(Andy Mul) #25

Can I make a request for some kind of a demo project? So it is a project that contains one level, one player, with one melee attack and one range attack, and some items and NPCs. This would be helpful for us who are stuck at following the get started tutorial videos.

If you could add the crafting / inventory / gathering / building system / witcher 3 / warcraft into that demo project that would be a great bonus! :smile:



Ill include a demo scene that showcases all the systems mechanics.

As for including combat, that is game specific and to make one system would be of no use as there are already a plethora of tutorials and forum topics to aid in those areas. Check THIS thread for for info on kits im making.

(Andy Mul) #27

That would be great!

I can understand where you are coming from. As long as there is a player character there who can move around and can use the system you implemented, that is a strong start for a lot of people.

Sure, I’ll take a look at the other forum thread. Sounds interesting.