Move with animation

(xcygame) #1

HI, UniRPG is very friendly.
But I don’t know when I input “W.S.A.D” to move, player just stand.
So, I want to know ,what can I do that animation can play “walk” thanks.

(Sam) #2

Have you gotten the character’s movement animations set up? It is in Chara_2_Anim Ctrl. Find Movement Animations and add in your animation, it should play whenever the character moves.

(daniel harratt) #3

Have you nav meshed the terrain??

(xcygame) #4

This is the role of setting. But in the process of the game is running, control through “W S A D”, even walk animation can’t play.
Please help me.

(daniel harratt) #5

Hi there, ok mechanim in unirpg is really on set up for basic NPC movement, unless you go and edit the scripts!!
UNIRPG is setup for Legacy animation, and once you get the hang of it you can pretty much the do anything with the animation set…
If you need any help with setting up the Lageacy anims then do shout, however there are several tutorials here on the forums for setting things up!!
Hope this helps!


i also have a big problem with my animations i hope somebody can help because my problem is