My Finished game using Blox2!

(DeeJay) #1

I thought i would share this because I would not have been able to make this game without Blox2. Now everyone can see that you can make a full game with Blox2!!!

The link to the game is below, and you can choose between VR and Non-VR.


New user looking for some advice with Blox 3
(Leslie Young) #2

Nice. Downloading…

Could not start the 1st level (key/mouse - using ENTER). Think my download is corrupt though cause I got error message while extracting Virtual Insanity V1-PC.rar and it is only 1.3Gb (google drive say it should be 1.9Gb?)

Will try re-download later.

(DeeJay) #3

Gamepad only. Sorry!