Navmesh Link

(Alien) #1

I have an npc setup and a navmesh link to another area. but the npc will not travers the navmesh link, even though the cost is 0 and its walkable.

any thoughts?

(Francois) #2

Did you perhaps upgrade to 2017.2? Seems there is an issue with navmeshes.

(Alien) #3

i actually tried the upgrade but quickly reverted, as there were lots of navmesh errors. :slight_smile:

I’m currently running 2017.1.0f3

(Leslie Young) #4

I’ve not used these myself yet but I suspect it needs some special support from the code side seeing as a link could mean “jump over this section” or “jump down here” to the other NavMesh. So I would say, no… plyGame does not support NavMesh Links.

Try the since that seems to be auto traversable.

(Alien) #5

ya i have the off navmesh links setup but its not working.

wonder if they have to be on the same navmesh? i have 2 separate navmesh’s. trying to get from one to another…

(Leslie Young) #6

I did a quick test with off-mesh (the one I linked) and it worked. I could have my character move down from a platform to the floor below where. Of course it looked bad since the character did not actually jump… just slide down. Be careful, there are two things, Off-mesh Link and NavMesh Link.

Maybe test this with a player character first to see if the movement over the link will work.