Navmeshagent stop/resume



I dont seem to be able to find Navmeshagent stop/resume blox, even after scanning.


(Leslie Young) #2

There are no such members in NavMeshAgent (Unit docs). Or rather, it seems to be marked obsolete if you look at these docs. Blox does not include any members marked as obsolete.

To stop an agent I do…

agent.isStopped = true;

Of course if you want it to resume after being stopped I guess you will leave out the ResetPath part so you may set isStopped = false; for it to continue. Not sure how a resume should work since I’ve not tried implement it before.


Thks Leslie,

Didnt consider they could go obsolete, seemed like very basic members :slight_smile: thanks, will find another solution.
Btw, have been rebuilding my game with BGS for a couple weeks now, everything works great! Gave me the opportunity to clean my code too. Have a great week