Need for a new feature

(Stephane Valverde) #1


I just bought TileED for our new project : Depths of Cyndaria

I need to tweak a bit tileED because I am not doing a TOP DOWN dungeon but an FPS one.
The tiles are blocky, minecraft style, 3x3m. So I just need to pile up big cubes to construct the levels but the walls have 6 shapes that need direction, SIDE WALL, DOUBLE SIDED WALL, TIP WALL, CORNER WALL, CENTER WALL and ISOLATED WALL.

If you can implement an auto features to put the right simple blocks as your trace them it would be awesome.

Note I managed to use the Auto features by cutting my big block in 3 and defining the floor/side/convex/concave with the right prefabs in a 1x1 grid, instead of the 3x3 grid I use for my big square.

So it works but its not ideal for my game as I need single gameobjects composing those big 3x3 cubes for my gameplay.

(Leslie Young) #2

Not quite sure what you want; but note that I am not adding new feature to TileEd at this time.