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The Patreon is now live for all who are interested. Feel free to stop by anytime!

I will be starting my series on popular/AAA games. This series will include all mechanics and a similar GUI to emulate each respected game.

The frameworks will be reminiscent of each game and will mirror gameplay mechanics and GUI styles in order for everyone to learn how these types of games can be created. This will also include how the GUI is set up and how it related to gameplay.

The first framework on the list to be completed is most likely going to either be the Skyrim or the Hearthstone framework. Please look to this thread for updates and releases.

Below i have listed the game frameworks that will be released at later times. Please be patient as these kits will not be easy to make and will most likely take 2 months a piece. Depending on the limitations, i MAY possibly just make these all in Blox 2 and not plyGame. So please, be aware of this.

Also, there will be some sort of crowd funding site if anyone would like to support the development.

-Far Cry Series

-Metal Gear Solid Series

-Telltales: The Walking Dead

-Civilization Series



-Fallout/Elder Scrolls Series

-Project Cars/Gran Turismo



-Farm/Train/etc Series

-League of Legends/DOTA
-Rocket League

NOTE - all of these frameworks will bear no visual similarity to their source material. They will only draw the inspiration from the mechanics.

Stay tuned.

Is anyone using Inventory Pro with plyGame
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Also no requests here. PM if you would like to see a certain game type made.

(Treane) #3

rust and ark :+1: nice
looking forward to it
interesting to see what you do :slight_smile:


Added "Turn Based’ category



thank you, v exciting

(Todd) #6

If crowd funding doesn’t pan out, what you’re creating is beyond worthy as an item/package in unity assets store. However there would be the added “headache” of asset support as opposed to the current support based on generosity.

(Darren Fritts) #7

As far as purchasing this as an asset in the Unity Asset Store goes, I’d buy it in a heartbeat if the pricing is inline with plyGame, if this is where you’re looking at taking your project, as March_of_the_Ent’s endeavors are certainly worth the price to me.

But if he’s not looking at marketing his projects commercially, if it would be an encouragement and/or enable him to focus his time and attention to completing his work on the projects he’s sharing here (i.e. getting his first “Plyrim” framework Game Kit released ASAP), I’d be interested in learning more about the concept of “crowd funding / current support based on generosity”, as I’d be willing to donate towards this goal. Once again, of course that would have to be something within my means and commensurate to what is being produced (i.e. full commercial package vs. a la carte projects developed as piecemeal packages).

Additionally, when finances are brought into the equation, the question also arises concerning support. A published asset on the Unity Asset Store brings with it the expectation of continued ongoing support (updates, bug fixes, Unity and plyGame version compatibility, etc.), while projects shared in a forum are more of an “as is” share (and thereby don’t have many expectations of any long-term longevity, ongoing support, or compatibility with future versions of Unity or plyGame). So compensation would tend to need to be inline with expectations concerning the product and its future support.

So, as I’ve said, I’m interested in March_of_the_Ent’s work and believe that it has commercial value to me, so if anyone has any (realistic) suggestions of how much is being suggested as a donation (or purchase price), how that amount is being transferred (Unity Asset Store, PayPal, etc.), and what the ongoing expectations of this project are, I’m really curious as to what others are thinking.


I will most likely put the kit asset on the asset store, but these individual plugins that i release on here will remain free.

However, i will still put up a patreon or something of the sort in the event that you guys want to support further development of assets.

(Darren Fritts) #9

I know we’re talking about future events here, but is getting the Game Kit published on the Unity Asset Store what you’re expecting within your previously mentioned 1-2 weeks timeframe? The reason I ask is that the full Game Kit is something that I’m very interested in and would like to see it available as soon as possible. Not that I’m trying to rush you into anything, but since you’ve posted your intentions, I just want you to know that there is a market for this, and that it’s something that I could put to use right away.

You originally stated a “Skyrim or Hearthstone” type of Game Kit (as well as recently posting about “plyRim”); is this still your first planned Game Kit? Again, the reason that I ask is so that I can get an idea of where I need to focus my own attention on my personal game project. If this is something that I can reasonably expect to be released soon in the Unity Asset Store, I can focus my attention on other parts of my game’s design, knowing that you’ll have the framework of the gameplay mechanics and GUI covered. Otherwise, I may have to spend my current time on those same endeavors, and I don’t want to waste precious time duplicating (and more than likely doing so in an inferior way to your) game mechanics that you plan on releasing in your product.

Additional concerns are with plyGame vs. Blox 2. Have you determined which direction you’ll be going with your Game Kits? Everything I’ve done thus far has been done within plyGame, so if you move to Blox 2, will your framework consist of a replacement for all of what plyGame already provides (character controllers, camera setup, classes, attributes, screens, sample GUI, etc.)? If you believe that your Game Kits would be better served using Blox 2, as well as be a viable replacement for the plyRPG framework, I’m more than willing to make the transition and purchase Blox 2, but I’d like to know your plans beforehand if possible so that I too can plan accordingly. Unless I’m overlooking something, I don’t think that any of this steps on Leslie’s toes, as either way you go, people will still need to purchase either plyGame or Blox 2, so it’ll be to his benefit regardless of which product of his you choose to support and develop your Game Kits for.

I know that these are all a lot of hard questions, but I assume you’ve already been thinking about these things for some time now — as I’m sure all of us do on a daily basis with our hopes and aspirations to get something published. Any details that you’re willing to share would be beneficial to your potential customers so that we can know what to expect and plan accordingly. As it is the holiday season, I’ve already bumped “plyRim” up to the top of my own personal wishlist. :grin: And I say that not so jokingly, as I’d really like to make this an early Christmas gift to myself so that I can get something productive done over the upcoming holiday break.

It may be somewhat selfish of me, but I wish you the best of luck in getting your product packaged and published on the Unity Asset Store very soon — as well as its continued success for you and all of your customers that will get that much closer to fulfilling their own game development dreams using your products

Please feel free to outline your game plan and brainstorm about your proposed Game Kits here if you’re interested in more feedback or suggestions. Believe me, I’d be happy to offer what I can to help you get what “I” need to market because it’ll be to both of our benefits when you do. Thanks, @March_of_the_Ents for doing what you do!


A kit that emulates Skyrim may seem daunting, but in all reality that game doesnt have much in the sense of mechanics and their difficulty. I would bet that i could get it done within 2 weeks, but, since i also am working on my own title, time is allocated where needed.

I would of course be willing to fully develop the kit if the task was funded.

The asset store also requires a review period after you submit the asset so this may take further time as they process it.

If i were to do a kit, it would be the Plyrim kit first.

Like i said above, right now i cant say an exact date, but, if the project was funded then it would be released quite soon.

The kits will be developed for plyGame, and if interest permits, i will port them to Blox 2.

I would like to of course create assets for a living, but, in the short term right now i have to allocate my time wisely between my own title and maintaining the plugins ive created and plan to create.

Hopefully this sheds some light on your questions and concerns.If you have any other questions id be glad to answer.

(Reno) #11

Regarding the Plyrim kit, will you include lockpicking? If so, how hard would it be to expand into a feature from another Bethesda game, Fallout, with virtual computer system/computer hacking? :smile:


@Renokun, Mechanically this is super simple. Ive done it in an old project before. The same with the hacking. Those are really easy to make, especially the hacking.

So to answer, yes i will include the lockpicking. Maybe ill make the hacking a standalone plugin or integrate it as an addon of the kit.

(Gunhi) #13

just awesome! I’m in!

(Darren Fritts) #14

Another bonus for the Game Kits. Getting better all the time.

(Gunhi) #15

I’m really interested in these topics. Could you please provide a road map or time line of development plan?
Let’s say HearthStone for example!

(Chad) #16

Love that Gladius is on the list!