New Hotspot Actions


I’ve been building a few concepts with Vinoma for game I wish to create. One of the things I would like to do is pickup or drop an object. My current thinking is placing a sprite in the scene, attaching a 2D Box Collider, and a Vinoma Click Obj script. I can set a variable to identify the object, but I would also need an action to call a script, so I could add the time to the player’s inventory. A second action that might be helpful is one that either hides or destroys the item.

Does that sound like the proper way of picking up an item? Is there a better way?


(Leslie Young) #2

Disabling the object in the scene is probably a good way to simulate it being picked up. You would have to call a label on a Vinoma scene to execute and perform that action though. This would make it a bit difficult to regulate where you story continues.

Vinoma is not really geared towards creating logic (lots of conditions and checks to determine what happens next). It is more for creating a story flow, like a simple visual novel with some occasional choices presented to the player to redirect the story outcome. If you look at these pick-ups similar to how you would do buttons or normal hotspot actions (take door 1 or door 2) then it could work out fine.


I’m thinking that I would need to call my own script so the story flow isn’t disrupted.

What I have found helpful is the ability to load different scenes and go to a specific label. So what I have done is to create a script that controls the flow of the story. Anytime the player leaves an area I call my script to see what is active in the area the player is going to. Then I call that Vinoma scene and optionally jump to a label. I could then check to see if the object should be enabled or not. I’m not planning on having huge amounts of objects, so this would be easily controlled.

Thanks for the great product. The only big thing I missing I would like is the ability to edit conversations in Excel or Google Sheets. With the ability to update the spreadsheet and apply those updates to the game conversation.