New tutorials!

(daniel harratt) #1

Hi all, so i’v set up a new tutorial page for all plyyoung stuffs, aswell as addons…
sorry for the delay but my mic wont work!! so far the page has All Marshalls plygame tutorials and several free UNIRPG Plugins, but i am still working on the issue to get you a full set of UNIRPG tutorials ready…
You do need to register and log in but dont worry its safe and you wont recieve any spam, i’ll be setting a system so as when a new tutorial is uploaded you`ll be advised nothing more…
Well catch you all on the page…



I was curious if you could make a listing of what is currently covered in the new tutorials as well as what is planned on being covered. That way I will be able to decide if it will be applicable to me (especially as I would need to sign up to a third party site).

One of the things I am most interested in is if there is a mecanim plugin or a tutorial which covers the scripting to make it work smoothly. I for one would be willing to pay for such a feature.

(daniel harratt) #3

hi there i`ll be on skype today…

(Drane) #4

Seems like your website isn’t working good.

(rochas) #5

Hello, are there any upcoming Skype tutorials? I am having problems spawning player at start. I see the character in the menudata scene but after that I do not see him in the gamescene, even though there is a spawnpoint for the character and the camera works and I do see the slots and top bars.

Hope someone can help


(rochas) #6

Nevermind I figured it out duuuhh!!!:grinning: