New user looking for some advice with Blox 3

(Paul GK) #1

Hi, I purchased Blox3 a couple of days ago and I am slowly finding my way around things.
I do own Playmaker but have never been able to get my head fully around it. I was all set to have a go with uScript when I discovered Blox 3 so I took the plunge.
I like what I am seeing but there doesn’t seem to be any tutorials on using it for things such as moving a character, making a character jump, getting NPC’s to follow paths etc. Is there any tutorials like this available? Would the Blox 2 tutorials still be relevant to Blox 3?

It seems to me like Blox is aimed at someone with a decent amount of programming experience? I understand a little bit of C# but have trouble remembering all the syntax, so would I be best trying to convert premade c# scripts to Blox or is there a simpler way of picking things up?

Thank you in advance for any help/advice offered.

(Alien) #2

you checked out the plyoung youtube (under Guides)? Blox2 and 3 are similar in how they work in terms of logic, but how its applied to objects, the interface and options are different.

(Paul GK) #3

Thanks for the reply Alien. I have watched pretty much all the tutorials for Blox 3, but there isn’t any what I would call real examples for helping newbies with game creation.
I was hoping for a build your own Pacman, or Invaders game type tutorial using Blox but sadly not :frowning:
I have since tried converting a few scripts but is proving a little difficult for me, and if I end up converting a script then why not just use the script in the first place?

I was hoping it would be more non-coder friendly as it says it is on the asset store. Unfortunately to me that is a little bit misleading.

I do like the look and feel of Blox and I am hoping someone will come up with some more tutorials soon :slight_smile:

(William Ianneci) #4

Question best left for Leslie. You can ask/suggest he create a few simple guides/videos for Blox, something like a Breakout/Space Invaders should be able to highlight many of the features.

(Alien) #5

i know @leslie is continuing to add features to the blox3 set to make it easier to get up and running, like a scene manager, properties manager, etc. possibly a turn base component at some point. it’s more like C#, but it’s easier since you don’t need to know all the <>(); placement (imo). i was thinking about doing a tutorial similar to the digital Tutors Turn-based tut for playmaker (but in Blox3). i have all the movement controller & camera controllers completed, but haven’t even started the filming part…

(Paul GK) #6

Thanks Alien. I do like the idea behind Blox and I am going to try and stick with it and pick up what I can.
My main reason is Leslie is active with updates and further development, unlike some other visual tools out there.

Williamian More guides/videos is what I am hoping for, hence putting the message up on the forum.

I was just hoping to get into it a bit quicker and generate some real results by following complete tutorials on all aspects of developing a game. Unfortunately the only thing similar I can find is how to recreate Roll-a-ball using Blox2.

Up to now I have managed to move a capsule around a plane using the horizontal and vertical axis with addforce :slight_smile: Not a massive achievement but it worked :slight_smile: I could have probably (with lots of reading up) also done it as a C# script but that would have likely taken ages.

I did however feel like I made more progress when first starting out with Playmaker. My main problem with Playmaker though was not fully understanding how the FSM’s were working. I just don’t find it very intuitive, and I also found when I got my first character fully animated and walking jumping etc. that it seemed very slow?

Fingers crossed Leslie (or someone else conversant with Blox) can find the time to put up some more tutorial videos.

(Leslie Young) #7

There are two ways to use Blox (well, I am still working on the 2nd).

You can use it as something to create game logic with. VRGamegirl made a complete game with Blox 2 for example My Finished game using Blox2!

In this case you need to be able to think of and create the game logic yourself. No amount of tutorials will help you here. You must have the ability to figure out what to make the 3rd person character and camera controls for your RPG game. You might find a tutorial on how to read input, or rotate the camera, useful here. This is a similar process to programming a script (C# for example); just different “language rules”.

The thing I am trying to do now is making it more into a maker type tool (like UniRPG or plyGame) where the Blox will be used to create very short Events responses which are used to update UI data or used to make calls into the main systems. Here you would not create your own character and camera controller for example but rather rely on whatever plugin to handle it.

It is hard to explain without having any such plugin ready yet. I guess the closest example of how it will work in plyGame. I am working on a turn-based RPG system but it is going slow because of other commitments.

You would spend more time in settings windows than writing “logic” - or that is the idea at least. Of course this is all pointless if there is not a plugin for the game genre you are working on. The BGS at least adds some common systems and more will be created as the need for them becomes evident during my work on plugins. The Attributes and Skills systems for example might become part of BGS rather than the turn based plugin since they could be re-used in other places like a real-time RPG or other game genre.

(DeeJay) #8

If you have Skype I would be more than happy to chat and show you a few things, however, I still use Blox 2. Can’t upgrade till I start a new project or it will break everything. Here is the link to my game I made with Blox 2 …I’m adding HTC VIVE support and a lot has changed, so I would say the build on the site is an early alpha. My Skype name is “gamedevgirl1984”

(Paul GK) #9

Leslie, the idea of adding events that could be called for regular stuff sounds interesting, especially with a decent amount of settings to make things more versatile.
However, what I have started to notice is as I dabble with Blox is I seem to be improving my general albeit basic understanding of C# which I am thrilled about. I am far from the stage of coding my own scripts but any knowledge is a good thing :slight_smile:

vrgamegirl your virtual insanity game looks awesome, I might have to invest in a rift at some point :slight_smile:
Thanks very much for the offer of showing me some stuff one to one. I am currently working lates so not too good for me at the moment, but I may well take you up on the offer in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and I really appreciate the support.

(Leslie Young) #10

Looking forward to seeing more of this new project. Too bad you can’t use Blox 3 though. It is a huge improvement on version 2. But ye, had to break compatibility to make those improvements :frowning:

(DeeJay) #11

This current alpha only works on DK2, and I’m only adding vive support for now. The new rift won’t have support for awhile if any unfortunately. Vive is better though, so if you go VR I would recommend vive. also, you can download the non vr version from my site to try it out. It’s super buggy though.

(DeeJay) #12

I’m thinking about making my game in episodes, so the 2nd part will be a fresh project, and I’ll attempt to learn Blox 3. :grin:

(Paul GK) #13

I don’t have the space for a Vive unfortunately but will check out the none vr version :slight_smile:

(DeeJay) #14

Awww that stinks. It still works just like rift though if you don’t have alot of room, and it is the same price.