No Scene Being Displayed

(Vivek Chakraverty) #1

I tried to meddle with the camera, but it has resulted in the audio of the vinoma scene being played but no visuals. But the scene individually works fine. One thing I noticed is that the visuals only appear when the Auto Panel visibility is set to Visible during not game scenes. Please help.

(Vivek Chakraverty) #2

I think the following UNity Error has something to do with it.

MissingMethodException: Method not found: ‘UnityEngine.Texture2D.LoadImage’.
VinomaEditor.VinomaActionsWindow.UpdateWindowIcon ()
VinomaEditor.VinomaActionsWindow.OnEnable ()


(Leslie Young) #3

I am not quite following what the problem is you describe.

If there are errors in the console then that should definitely be sorted out first. The error message you quoted contains no line numbers so I am not sure what it refers to. Have a look at this post, this is how error messages should look. If I do not get line numbers I will not know what part of the code is causing a problem.