No Video option in screens menu

(Johnathan Mack) #1

Hi all, has anyone run into an issue with designing in the screens menu and trying to do a load up video, but there is no icon for adding a video clip?
Im runing unity 5.3.5 64bit pro. If i switch back to unity 4 pro i can see and work with it just fine, but importing to 5 causes so many errors with my project i’m just redoing some little stuff.

(Johnathan Mack) #2

I know this is normally an issue with unity not being pro, but i have triple checked the validation and at this point have a ticket open with unity because it has to be a mismatch or something.

(Leslie Young) #3

That option has been removed over a year ago. It is no longer supported in plyGame.
If you want to play videos in splash screens you will have to create a scene in which it plays (maybe using Unity UI?).

Then, in the Screens Editor do not add any Splash Screens, and on the Language Screen tab you set “or Scene” to point to your splash screen(s) scene and of course make sure “Screen” is not set at all.

plyGame will now load your splash screens scene first and it can do whatever it needs to do. Be sure to add a Blox (or code) to load your main menu when your splash screens are done.

(Johnathan Mack) #4

wow, why was it deleted? That seemed like a useful option. I guess if I want to keep it i need to work from my older unity and not update ply, but i’m definitely interested in the multiplayer blox now so i’ll go with your suggestion and just do a scene or ui.

(Nathaniel Millett) #5

Is there a chance you can give an example of the blox setup? Im not quite sure how to prompt a new scene/menu once my video is done playing.

I get this error - Cannot load scene: Invalid scene name (empty string) and invalid build index -1

(Leslie Young) #6

Please read this about posting console errors When Reporting Errors