Not sure why my damage stopped working

(Jamie pearce) #1

so i have a damage event on my monster and on my player when i attack the monster damage and exp happens properly to design
when the monster use to attack the player it also functioned properly but i took a 2 month break to load into 0 damage when the monster hits th math should still work but it give a larger number that might be cauing issues here are img of event on player

im getting this -97 value when thats not right everything work the same but on monsters

ive tried re import all ect…

let me know if anyone knows whats up before i have to recreate this from scratch

(Jamie pearce) #2

problem persisted cause of a value i didnt know was setting to 99 causing the large value :stuck_out_tongue:

removed that and its working again i figured id figure it out after some tinker time