NPC does not respawn

(Francois) #1

Hey guys,

Let me try and lay it out for ya.

I have two scenes, In the first I have a NPC issuing a quest which needs to be completed in the second scene.

In the second I complete the quest and then I load into the first scene in order to turn in the quest and this is where the problem lies. I load into the first scene and the NPC just doesn’t spawn like it does the first time?.

I use a NPC spawnpoint to load in the particular character however it appears she went on vacation. :slight_smile: Has anyone experienced anything like this perhaps?


(Francois) #2

No one? :slight_smile:

(Leslie Young) #3

Ah sorry. I did see the post but forgot to reply to it while busy with another.

You should not use spawn points for quest giver, shop, etc, NPCs. Just place them manually so that they are always in the scene. The spawn point is there to create things to kill and up to a point configured to do so. After that point it stops spawning new NPCs. Also remember to clear your save data after making significant changes to a scene to be sure you are not playing with saves that are corrupted (switching scenes has to deal with the save system to keep track of state between scenes).

(Francois) #4

Sweet I will give that a bash tonight.

Update: I finally got it to work Leslie! Had to completely remove the persistent object from the assets.