I just buy the MapNav2.
When i try to load samples I have a NullReferenceException error :

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
MapNavKit.MapNavSquare.OnDrawGizmos () (at Assets/Plugins/MapNav2/MapNavSquare.cs:592)

(only the 1st scene sample work)

I’m on 5.5.0f3 unity version

Any idea ?

(Leslie Young) #2

No idea why you would get that error. I’ve just opened the 02_square_test scene in Unity 5.5.0p3 (the patch 3 version) and it is not showing any errors at runtime or in the editor.

The error happens in OnDrawGizmos() on a line which makes it sound like the grid data is not present. Maybe your install is corrupted? Try making a new project and perhaps force Unity to re-download the package. See here on how to remove cached packages.


Ok, after re-download the package and try in new empty project it’s working !
Thanks !