Okay to update from old version?


Hi, is it ok to update to the newest version of TileEd from 1.1.?? I remember the warning for the 1.2.1 update. Does that mean that I will be unable to update for the rest of the time?

(Leslie Young) #2

Yes, if I warn about breaking changes in the update notes then updating from an earlier version to the one including the warning (and versions to follow) will be unsafe as you can see from the info for the 1.2.0 update. But that was over a year ago!


Haha, yeah I’m aware that was over a year ago. I’ve been holding off on the update just in case it would break, but the terrain duplication feature would be nice. For a small developer, having to delete previous tile maps is pretty much not an option, however. I’m stuck with the old version I guess.