Planning to buy but i have some questions

(Carnivate H) #1

hello, I’m making an isometric tactical game and I’m looking for a tool to manage the character movement and I found MapNav but I have some questions.(sorry, my English is bad btw :()

1- How MapNav work with tiles of different heights accessible only by certain directions? example: in the middle of my map I have a wall tile that is one height level over the others, and the only way to get units over the wall is using a ramp in the extreme left of the wall, can units be blocked to get over the wall unless they use the ramp?

2- Does the plugin have triggers direction situations? I’m working in an isometric view and have different animations for each side the characters move for each direction

(Leslie Young) #2
  1. MapNav makes a callback to a handler you specify when calculating paths. In this handler you can decide whether movement to a tile is possible so you can for example stop movement onto a tile which is too high. Problem is that you will not know from which tile the pathing is being calculated and can thus not decide whether to allow movement onto the tile from the ramp connected one.

  2. MapNav does not handle animations of characters. This is done by you. It simply helps determine what tiles a character can use when moving to a certain destination tile; or what tiles are around a specified tile, or what is the line of tiles between two, tiles,… things like that. Actual movement of the character would be up to you, using the list of tiles given to you by the path finding function. There are examples scenes adn scripts of using this to move characters.