plyBlox and Third Party Integration


I have purchased assets like UniStorm, Emerald AI and other programs like this. Is there a way to integrate these programs without having to “rewrite” them to Blox format? I’m guessing “no”, but thought I’d ask anyways as there might be a way I don’t know about.

(Helgard de Barros) #2

Unistorm works fine with Plygame, and no rewrites need to be done. For Unistorm, depending on your saving system you use, you will need a script to allow you to save the current time and weather when you save the game, and that script is somewhere in these forums if you need it. Not sure about Emerald AI, I have it but not using it with Plygame. It doesn’t list Plygame as integrated.

(Leslie Young) #3

You only need Blocks (for plyBlox) if you want to access something in the target API via visual scripting, else you can simply do it via code.

Depending on what you want to do with “Emerald AI” it might clash with the systems in plyGame. The NPCs in plyGame have their own logic for moving around and attacking so you would not be able to drive them with Emerald. I do not know enough about that system to say whether you would be able to easily pull off creating a monster which uses Emetald to drive its AI while still using plyGame’s Skills system to create the skills used by that monster and driven (choosing which skill to use) by Emerald.