plyBlox Space Flight Simulation System LT v1


Current Features:

  • Flight Controls
  • Alternate Camera Docks

This Flight System will showcase the features and mechanics from the popular game known as “Elite Dangerous”.


Version 1.0 of this plugin has just been released! REQUIRES PLYGAME VERSION 2.7.8+


DOWNLOAD -Main Package-

Flight System LT

READ ME: For the demo to work properly you need to set the gravity of your scene to 0 in your Physics Window.

Let me know if you have any questions.

SKYPE: gage_ignitelabs

-March of the Ents

The Patreon is now live for all who are interested. Feel free to stop by anytime!

(Reno) #2

You are awesome! Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Luke) #3

This is brilliant. I’ve been working on a similar system for over a year, but all coded. To have this in blox is sensational.

By any chance, have you cracked the 6DOF AI yet? I have a basic system using waypoints and sphere casts for collision detection, but its fairly buggy…

(Thomas Morris) #4

I am using Third person controller(Opsive’s) for my character and have been getting to know the code u provided. I am unsure however how to disable input to the ship until interacted with by my character and hoped you could help.

(Thomas Morris) #5

Figured out a workaround. But quick question, is there a way to make speeds incremental like u would have in a standard throttle. a it stands its like having directional thrusters all rounds.