plyGame 2.3.8

(Leslie Young) #1

plyGame 2.3.8

  • Updated: Made Unity 5 compatible
  • Updated to include plyRPG 1.2.1, DiaQ 2.1.2 and plyBlox 1.3.6

plyRPG 1.2.1

  • Updated: Made Unity 5 compatible
  • Fixed: Items being picked/ dropped will restore the active blox state too
  • Fixed: Error in loot tables
  • Updated: The camera controller was setting Camera reference null when destroyed but this could mess things up if the camera was changed just before destroying the player
  • Updated: Added basic support for moving platforms to top-down and 3rd person player controllers. See PF_Support option in Inspector. Note that jumping does not work well when it is enabled

plyBlox 1.3.6

  • Updated: Made Unity 5 compatible

DiaQ 2.1.2

  • Updated: Made Unity 5 compatible
  • Updated: Added option to suppress error message when condition key not found

plyGame 2.3.9
(Luka Andric) #2

Woohooo :smiley: GZ

(RoyalGost) #3

not rather early to 5 Unity, it worked not enough still?

(Suphavanh) #4

Unity5 f3 crashed when I hit play from plyGame tool bar. Anyone has this issue or just me?

(Patrik Gyltefors) #5

I did have another issue, reported under the “Unity 5 Issue?” thread. I guess I’ll be staying on Unity 4 a little longer until things settle. Though, I am thankful that plyGame is committed to support Unity 5.

(Leslie Young) #6

Will grab RC3 and have a look. My last test was on RC1 and the Play button worked fine there.

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(Viliam Volos) #7

Unity 4.6.0f3

Error while importing package: Package has unknown format

(Luka Andric) #8

that is normal i guess i haw that error too but its Unity problem i guess

(Leslie Young) #9


  • Fixed: Item set to “auto-pickup” would go to bag when trying to equip it
  • Fixed: UpdateActionBar was not removing icon set in slot that was cleared
  • Added: Option to turn off auto saving and a button to that can be used to save (in plyBlox Editor toolbar)
  • Added: Quest Accepted, Completed and Rewarded callbacks in DiaQEngine
  • Added: Quest Accepted, Completed and Rewarded Events for plyGame/ plyBlox

(Luka Andric) #10

will this work on unity 5 f4

(Leslie Young) #11

All updates are done for both Unity 4.6 and Unity 5 and should work in both.

(Luka Andric) #12

Continuing the discussion from plyGame 2.3.8:

I mean that because of errors

(Leslie Young) #13

Which errors?

(Luka Andric) #14

The last update works on unity 5 f4

(Viliam Volos) #15

Unity 4.6.0f3

Steel cant import package.

Error while importing package: Package has unknown format

(Leslie Young) #16

That is not an issue with the package but with Unity and the Asset Store. You might have to force Unity to re-download the package.

Check this post to see how to clear the package cache. When Reporting Errors

(Dave) #17

Thanks Leslie. I got the latest version and decided to also build DiaQ, plyGame and plyRPG. Previously I was only building plyRPG. So I just built for Unity 4.6 and next will build for Unity 5. Looks like I only need to define UNITY5 for that build.

Getting one error with DiaQ just FYI so maybe the DiaQ source zip is missing a small update? For now I just commented out the code in DiaQEventHandler.AddEvent(plyEvent e) as I haven’t started using DiaQ yet anyway:

Assets/plyoung/DiaQ/plyGame/Scripts/Events/DiaQEventHandler.cs(29,44): error CS0117: `DiaQ.DiaQEngine' does not contain a definition for `onQuestAccepted'

Everything is working great in 4.6, now going to build for Unity 5.

(Dave) #18

Success! Built for Unity 5 - just had the same issue as with 4.6 (DiaQEventHandler.cs) but no big deal.

Everything works great! It’s so awesome to have all the pro features now in Unity 5 Personal Edition. My game frame rate seems a good bit higher than it was in 4.6!

(Leslie Young) #19


  • Fixed: Default Layers where not being created in new projects under Unity 5.

(Abdelhaq Ghali) #20

I wish you could tell me how to use the CameraTopDown without all the other components because I don’t need them, and the camera target is not expecting a gameObject which makes me go through a lot of troubles, and the source code is crypted all in a dll file, can you please give me the source code for the camera script only ? my email is