plyGame/Blox Custom Spellbook & Skillbar | RPG/Strategy/Etc



The purpose of this asset is to provide plyGame/blox users with an easy to use and modifiable Spellbook and Skillbar for their games. This asset is UGUI driven and all functions were made in plyGames Blox.


-Ability to Open/Close a Spellbook
-Assign Spells to the players Skillbar
-Send information to and display a Tooltip for the spells
-Create multiple class Specialties
-Assign certain spells to certain Skillbar slots

-Alpha 1-4 will fire the assigned skills (if no skills are assign the debug log will let you know)
-Escape will close the Spellbook
-“Spellbook” button will open its window
-Mouse over spells will show spell information
-Clicking the “+” icon in the Spellbook will add the selected spell to that slot
-“Clear” button in the Spellbook will clear the selected spell


Make a Global Variable and name it 'Selected Hero"

View the blox in the Demo scene. All blox are commented with the information.


Let me know if you have any questions.

SKYPE: gage_ignitelabs

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Information Update

This can be placed directly in your scenes canvas. This is an alternative for the Sample UI’s spellbook and actionbar. The good thing about this is that you can extend it to also take plygame items.

(Chad) #3

Have you tested it with Unity 5.2?

The demo gives me…ERROR
[Actor: Test Player::Test Player] The Actor Class definition could not be found. The Character object will now be disabled.

(Chad) #4

I didn’t see a way to edit/modify my post above but thought I could at least provide a pic too. To help visually illustrate what may not be working the way the demo is intended.


Im pretty sure this is due to you not having the class set up in the plyGame class editor window. Just create a class called “Test” or attach your own class to the Test Player in the demo.

What is not working? Seems from the pic that you havent assigned a font to the gui elements. Sometimes unity does this depending on your export options. Simply assign a font to all the missing elements.