plyGame Talent Tree System | (World of Warcraft / Diablo)


Current Features:

  • Full Skill Tree System
  • Min/Max/Current Skill Level
  • Adding Attributes/Skills per level
  • Tooltip System

This skill tree will be similar to games like World of Warcraft and Diablo II.


Version 1.1

Current working screenshot of the new overhaul.


Let me know if you have any questions.

SKYPE: gage_ignitelabs

-March of the Ents

The Patreon is now live for all who are interested. Feel free to stop by anytime!

(tequyla) #2

thanks you.

any update?


(Luka Andric) #3

Awesome work man tnx


What would you like updated? Its pretty much complete unless you wanted to add features.

I will most likely be adding another plugin for plyGame that replaces the use of Leslies “Skills & Skillbar” in the sample UI. This way you can work on your skills window and skillbar directly in your scene and it will also work with the talent tree system.

EDIT: Plugin is being remade and current version is obsolete.

(Darren Fritts) #5

Hey, @March_of_the_Ents. Any news on if or when this plug-in will be remade? This is something that I’m definitely interested in. Since this is an old post, is it possibly something that you’re incorporating into your “plyRim” Game Kit, or do you still have plans of re-releasing the remade plug-in here at some point?


Ill probably get it done this weeked. Been working on my game lately, taking a small break from developing the plugins.

(Darren Fritts) #7

Much appreciated, @March_of_the_Ents. Hope all is going well and you had a great Thanksgiving.



The rewritten structure is being polished up. It will be finished either today or tomorrow.

(Darren Fritts) #9

That’s great to hear, @March_of_the_Ents. I’ll be eagerly watching for the upload.


New version is live.


(Reno) #11

Awesome, thank you good sir!

(Darren Fritts) #12

I’ve watched the video and have the asset opening up in Unity to test it out now. I’ve got to say that the preview looks great, and the video tutorial is outstanding — which greatly adds to the value of this type of asset.

Fantastic work as always, @March_of_the_Ents !


Im going to be adding an update, just a heads up.

Lol, i forgot to add in the point allocation to it, so right now you can just level them up without any points to spend. :blush:

Should be updated in an hour or so.

(Darren Fritts) #14

That’s funny, I literally just finished going through the demo scene and tested making some changes, and was wondering where I’d need to add a counter to limit the number of “skill points” that would be available to be added. As always, you’re one step ahead (or maybe a few more steps than that, but who’s counting?).



Version 1.1 is now up.

Release Notes:

  • Added “Point Handler” object to the HUD. (This will hold your current skillpoint count)
  • Fixed a few texture/font issues that may happen to some users.
  • Added skillpoint removal logic to each skill


(Darren Fritts) #16

The new version works like a dream — and the essential addition of the “Point Handler” is a must. Absolutely BRILLIANT!! @March_of_the_Ents