Plygame tutorial request how to make a 3rd person fighting game(like dissidia)

(Ronsu Ashi) #1

I would like to know how to make a 3rd person fighting game with combos from games like dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 or dissidia final fantisy or combos that are kingdom hearts base heck even combos from marvel vs capcom 3 or lastly like killer instinct so please help I’d love to get started on my kingdom hearts fan game thanks :smile:


i found a funny asset on the store, looks like mortal kombat in realtime fighting. try the demo. i dont know if its possible to fit this controller on plygame that would be cool as hell:!/content/37864

(Marshall Heffernan) #3

Attacks can be “chained” by using mecanim.

There is a lot of documentation on how to use it.

I would recommend you watch KUBOLD’s video tutorial on this topic, that’s where I learned how to do it.

Search “Kubold sword shield anim set setting up new attack”

and you should find his video.

(Ronsu Ashi) #4

thanks for the responses but I also need help with mecanim for instance I’m trying to get my character to move but is there a good way to set all up btw I’m using autodesk maya 2016 so please help me out also I’ve been stuck on this for months :frowning: so I seriously need help none of the tutorials help and I wan’t to get my character to be mobile like sora in kingdom hearts to or in dissidia final fantisy so please help

(Marshall Heffernan) #5

I’ve never played any of those games.

The mecanim tutorials online (including those recorded by Unity staff) are essential in understanding how mecanim works.

The video tutorial I mentioned above by Kubold shows exactly how to chain attacks.

Stating that none of the video tutorials help is ridiculous, I’m assuming you either didn’t watch the correct videos, or that you simply haven’t put in the time.

Lastly, the PlyGame “basic mecanim controller” sends parameters to mecanim.

You can use these to transition from animation to animation.

If you don’t know what a mecanim parameter is, go back to the video tutorials.

If you don’t want to use mecanim, and instead the legacy animation system, I can’t help you there.


to make sorta killer instinct fighting game you will have to combine a 3rd party asset. like this one.!/content/24884

(Marshall Heffernan) #7

That’s a 2D package.

To answer your original question at the top of the thread, you have three options if you’re looking for a “make a Game tutorial”.

  1. Go to college for Game Design. Prices vary from school to school but Digipen, for example, is $60,000.

  2. sign up for a tutorial website and pay monthly. I can think of two: and

These both have tons of Unity Game Development tutorials. Watch video tutorial after video tutorial.

3)Buy a “develop a game on unity” book, there are several.

If you are looking at game development as more of a small hobby, when you’ve got free time, I might recommend Game Maker, or RPG maker.


man dont discourage the dude its possible to enable and disable the game controller through scenes. we dont really know what hes trying to do. my examples were simple and can BE implementeted as 3rd part. have you even played mortal kombat deception? we can actually make it with plygame! just switching controllers and make it on fighting scenes, i was thinking on this also a long time ago. and yes its possible. dont be negative. no school is needed :slight_smile:

(Marshall Heffernan) #9

Alright, round # 2.

This is a very vague question. What exactly do you need assistance with? I don’t really think anybody here is going to “teach you” how to make a game, so be sure to be specific.

This requires Animation files. Your game will be limited to the animations you own. Check out @darkxside’s links above, or browse the Unity asset store.

THIS POST is a collection of our knowledge about Mecanim, here on the plyoung forums.

I would also recommend you watch Unity videos about Mecanim, such as THIS ONE, as well as Mixamo videos about Mecanim, such as THIS ONE.

Yes, give your Player GameObject a “Basic Mecanim Control” component.

This sends basic information, or “parameters” from your “Character Controller” component to the Mecanim animator window (forward, leftright, etc.)

Which tutorials did you watch, that didn’t help? What videos do you wish exist? (they might)

I don’t mean to discourage, but the original question of the thread was “How do I make a game” and that’s asking a whole lot out of complete strangers, especially when you didn’t even capitalize and punctuate your question.

Just saying. :open_mouth:


can you imagine a rpg, that when u go to a NPC and engage him, u go straight to a 2d old style kombat style… then you earn coins or stuff… its an idea i think thats hes working onto, but its alot of work.