plyGame updates

(Leslie Young) #1


  • Added: String Format Block under Common > String
  • Updated: Added the delay option under plyGame main editor > Items which can be used when Items seems to fly off when dropped via Loot system

(Leslie Young) #2


Forgot to include the latest source files in previous update.

(Leslie Young) #3


  • Added option to Loot Tables to turn off use of Rigidbody when dropping Items. (item will be placed directly on floor with no animations)

(Leslie Young) #4


  • Added ability to scroll the plyBlox editor up and down with mouse scroll wheel
  • The Item and Skill Blocks have been updated to show a sorted list from which to select

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Fixed problem with the SpawnPoint, Marker, etc create tools not creating these object under Unity 5.

(Leslie Young) #6


  • Resolved an issue with iOS builds. You need this update if you are building for iOS and do not want to choose the IL2CPP option.

(Leslie Young) #7


  • Added new Event On Actor Ready. This will be triggered when the player/npc character is ready. This is after the Awake and Start Events and the LoadSave System is done.
  • Updated NPCMovePro to use “Walkable” area name rather than “Default”, which is deprecated in Unity 5
  • Added DOTween Blocks. Install the package Assets\plyoung\plyBlox\Documentation\DOTween_Blocks.unitypackage. You must have DOTWeen installed before you can use these Blocks.

(Leslie Young) #8


  • Added an option in Skills, “Actor must face target”. Turn this off for NPC which can’t turn, for example a defensive tower that can attack the player but uses the “No Move” controller and can therefore not turn to face the player.

(Leslie Young) #9


  • Updates are no longer applied to the Unity 4 version of plyGame and the Unity 4 version will be removed from the asset store in the near future
  • Warning: Movie Playback support removed from Screens System of the Unity 5 version of plyGame
  • Updated Block: Object > Set Parent to prevent warning you would get when trying to set parent of a UI object
  • Added option to allow projectile to be executed in a non-horizontal direction (see, Prevent Projectile UpDown in Skill settings)

[plyGame Make RPG] From Intro to Menu Screen
(Leslie Young) #10


  • Updated Player and NPC controllers with new “Edge-to-Edge” option.
    • This is off by default, resulting in behaviour of previous versions of plyGame.
    • Turn this on if you want distance measurement to be from edge of one character’s collider to the edge of another rather from the transform position of one to the other.
    • This is useful when you have big variations in the sizes of character. Do not turn this on if you do not need it since it adds ray casting overhead.
    • Has no effect on “Player Third Person Controller”
  • Updated Skill System to also take this edge-to-edge distance into account when enabled on the character using the skill.

(Alexander) #11

So is 2.5.6 is the latest version of plugin, which supports Unity4?

(Marshall Heffernan) #12

edge-to-edge yesssssssssss

(Leslie Young) #13

Yes… do you have any reason for still using Unity 4? I thought everyone would have witched over to 5 by now.

(Alexander) #14

I am too lazy to switch on it :joy:

(Kostya) #15

i have a license for Unity 4, but for Unity 5 need new licence=(. What a pity(((

(Alexander) #16

Unity 4.6 will stop shipping patches or public releases after the end of December 2015 =(

(Leslie Young) #17


  • Updated: Made input definitions public for API access to the info
  • Added: “Actor > On Actor Uses Skill” which will be triggered in a Blox of the Skill owning Actor just after the “Skill > On Activate” Event.

(Leslie Young) #18


  • Added: Blocks for the new Dropdown UI element.
  • Updated: Most Skill Events will now also provide a temp variables “projectileObject” which is a reference to the projectile object if the Skill was a projectile type.

(Leslie Young) #19


Added: Blocks to remove elements from List. These are with the other list related Blocks under Common > List

(Leslie Young) #20


Added: More List related Blocks
Added: Block Character/Control/Select Prev Target
Added: Block Character/Skills/Set Skill Target Method