plyGame updates

(Leslie Young) #21


Added: Character/Skills/Set Target Location

(Leslie Young) #22


  • Note: This update requires Unity 5.2 or better and might not work as expected under an older version of Unity
  • Fixed: Bug with “Player TopDown Nav Controller” (NavAgent based controller) in Unity 5.2 which can prevent the character from moving
  • Fixed: The NPCs spawned via a SpawnPoint would sometimes spawn in the wrong location

(Leslie Young) #23


  • Note: This update requires Unity 5.2 or better and might not work as expected under an older version of Unity
  • Updated: Made changes to NPC “Pro-Move” (NavAgent based controller) to work better under Unity 5.2
  • Updated: Further tweaks to player “Top-Down Nav Controller” (NavAgent based controller) to work better under Unity 5.2
  • Updated: Changed Copy List Block so that you may specify a Blox for each List involved
  • Fixed: The Reference image for Skill “move method” selection was not showing properly

(Leslie Young) #24


  • Fixed: Player “Top-Down Nav Controller” (NavAgent based controller) could stop responding after a Skill was used
  • Fixed: NPC navagent based move controller could stop responding (character stops moving)

(Leslie Young) #25


  • Updated the documentation links since the URLs changed after site update

(Leslie Young) #26


  • Fixed problem with NPC navmesh based controller not always able to find a point on the navmesh to move to

(Leslie Young) #27


  • Added a Skill Reset Block which will clear any delayed hit events and reset the execution and cooldown timers.

(Leslie Young) #28


  • Fix problem that could prevent the plyBlox Update and some other events from running when an object is added to a deactivated parent object (which is then later activated)
  • Change to the “Set Parent” Block to prevent a warning message in console

(Leslie Young) #29


  • Updated to work in Unity 5.3
  • I will leave the Unity 5.2 version up for a while but it will not receive any future updates and will be removed eventually.

(Leslie Young) #30


  • Updated code that was using functions which will be removed in a future version of Unity

(Leslie Young) #31


  • Fixed issue that could cause plyBlox to not save edited Blox because of a change in Unity 5.3

(Leslie Young) #32


  • A Skill would not trigger “On Hit” if owning character’s control was disabled
  • Added Global Cooldown option to Skill system. This only apply to skills used by the player

(Leslie Young) #33


  • OnItemEquipped was not being triggered when loading from a save and item is restored onto a character
  • Made some changes to mecanim Blocks to prevent possible failure when Param is set to be cached
  • Fixed bug where persist objects was marked as being destroyed during scene change

(Leslie Young) #34


  • Disabling Control of NPC will also force it to stop so that you do not need to use a Stop Block too
  • Changes how the PC determine which waypoint to move to next when following a path so that it does not choose the next point after being forcefully stopped but continue to the point it was trying to reach before being stopped
  • Added “NPC > (dis)Enable Patrol” Block which can be used to pause movement of the NPC without disabling detection of potential targets

(Leslie Young) #35


  • Fix a bug in the Get Event Return Block. You do not need this update if you are not currently using this Block.

(Leslie Young) #36


  • Changed drop item collisionDetectionMode from Discrete to Continuous.

(Leslie Young) #37


  • Made some improvements to how the NavAgent based NPC movement works. It will no longer try to move as close as it can to a target position if there is no clear path to it.

(Leslie Young) #38


  • Fixed problem with grounded flag in Basic Mecanim Controller changing to true when peak of jump was reached and never going false when character falls.

(Leslie Young) #39


  • Added a check to the Top-Down nav based controller to prevent rotation of the character on anything other than the XZ plane.

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(Leslie Young) #40


  • This update required 5.3.4
  • Added a field for specifying the slot in the Add Item to Bag Block. The default behaviour is -auto-, meaning it will function like it used to before this change if you do not add any value to this new field.