plyGame updates

(Leslie Young) #41


  • This update required 5.3.4
  • Added a field for specifying the slot in the Add Item to Bag Block. The default behaviour is -auto-, meaning it will function like it used to before this change if you do not add any value to this new field.

Update errors
(Leslie Young) #42


  • Fixed problem in DiaQ events handlers that could cause Quest related plyBlox events to fail

(Leslie Young) #43


  • Made some changes to how the NPC determine when it has reached a waypoint when following a path. This will help prevent it from getting stuck at a waypoint. See the two new option in the NPC controller’s inspector when idle mode is set to patrol.

(Leslie Young) #44


Added a new targeting method for Skills: Crosshair Over
Note that this is not an FPS type implementation and simply a way to find targets which works very similar to how the Mouse Over method works. In this case a constant screen position is used rather than mouse cursor. The default is to use the centre of the screen but you can add an offset (in pixels) from the screen centre to use. It is up to you how you will represent the crosshair or if you will even put a crosshair on the screen (simplest would be to use Unity UI and an Image).

Also added a ray width option to Mouse Over and Crosshair Over. The default is 0 - a normal raycast while a higher value will result in a sphere cast with specified radius.

Projectile Move Method: CameraForward
Make change to cross hair
HELP! How to make that arrow flew to a point in the center of the screen?
(Leslie Young) #45


  • Fixed problem with Skill Projectile Move Method = “Direct to Target” not working exactly as expected since some projectiles (which did not get a target) would go in a random direction rather selecting from existing targets.

(Leslie Young) #46


  • Fixed problem with the delta values in Attribute related events. A negative number was send when it should be positive and positive when it should be negative.

Prefab problem after update? (Solved)
(Leslie Young) #47


  • Added DiaQ nodes to Link File generator so that they not get stripped out of iOS builds (this would cause errors and graphs would not start)
  • Fixed problem with Prefab/ Object Blox not showing changes made in the one or other. Remember to either edit the Blox of the Prefab or use the Apply button in the Inspector when you made changes to an object instance of a prefab.

(Leslie Young) #48


  • Further updates to the link.xml file generator to include types which should not be stripped from final builds.

(Leslie Young) #49


  • Even more updates to the link.xml generator

(Leslie Young) #50


  • Added Blox.onEvent System.Action<plyEvent> Blox.onEvent :: Callback which is called when a Blox Event is about to be executed.
  • Added Blox.onEventS System.Action<string> Blox.onEventS :: Callback which is called with the name of the Blox Event which is about to be executed.
  • Added Unity Events variation for the same as above.
  • Added support for pool managers to Skill system. It is still up to the user to hook in a pool manager via code. Note that no clean-up of the object will be done before Destroy is called on it so it might have Components on it which it did not have during Instantiate.
    static IplyPooledObject Skill.SkillProjectilePool

(Leslie Young) #51


Fixes to remove warnings thrown by Unity 5.4

(Leslie Young) #52

2.9.4/ 5

Updated link.xml generator to also scan objects disabled in scene.

(Leslie Young) #53


  • Updated “Random Seed” to use InitState since .seed is deprecated
  • Changes to NPC controller
    • It will turn to always face the target and not only while moving
    • It checks target position at a higher interval
    • It will continue to move if skill allows it - there were some checks preventing this before

(Leslie Young) #54


  • Updated for Unity 5.5 update.
  • Added a Search feature for plyBlox.

Unity 5.4 version of package will still be available for a while but all updates from now on will be for Unity 5.5+

(Leslie Young) #55


  • Added support for edge-to-edge distance check with Interact Object.

(Leslie Young) #56


  • Fixed “ghost block error”. Please report if you get further error message in console about a Block’s fields not filled in when you are not actually using that Block in a Blox Event). This error normally occurred after cut/paste of IF/ELse Blocks and then replacing their condition Blocks.

(Leslie Young) #57


  • Fixed problem with NPC status towards player calculations being wrong when in a faction which has lower threat level towards those that the player is in.
  • Local Variables can now be accessed for Blox of GameObjects which starts off inactive.

(Leslie Young) #58


  • Added better support for custom projectile scripts

Projectile Scripts Errors
(Leslie Young) #59


  • Few optimizations.

(Leslie Young) #60


  • Updated NPC engagement code to check for faction changes in character being followed to determine if/when to disengage