plyGame updates

(Leslie Young) #61


  • Fixed error which would prevent the currency add/remove related Events from being triggered

(Leslie Young) #62


  • Added On Actor Learn Skill and UnLearn Skill events

(Leslie Young) #63


  • Fixed error in loot dropped directly to bag not adding items properly

(Leslie Young) #64


  • Added NPC Manager to handle cases where you have a lot of NPCs in the scene. See NPC Controller inspector’s “Managed” property and NPC Manager under Actor tab of plyGame Main Editor window.

(Leslie Young) #65


  • Unity 2017.1 compatibility update

(Leslie Young) #66


  • Further fixes related to Unity 2017 update.
  • Fixed errors caused when changing project to use Experimental .Net 4.6

Please restore a backup of your project from before the plyGame 3.0.9 and then update to this version (3.1.1) since 3.0.9 might have caused parts of your project to become broken.

[edit] I missed two scripts in this update and will have them fixed in the next. Remove the IF/ELSE at start and end of the scripts under Assets\plyoung\plyBlox\Components and \editor

It looks like this
#if UNITY_4_6 || UNITY_5_0 || UNITY_5_1 || UNITY_5_2 || UNITY_5_3 || UNITY_5_4 || UNITY_5_5 || UNITY_5_6 || UNITY_5_7 || UNITY_5_8 || UNITY_5_9

and at end of script

(Leslie Young) #67


  • Fixed problem with the top-down player controller’s always face mouse option on sloped Unity terrain

(Leslie Young) #68


  • Small performance update. See this link for info.

Performance issues (spikes causing framerate to drop)
(Leslie Young) #69


  • Added option to choose number of results from Ray/Sphere/Capsule casts. Default is 5 but you can change this if you expect more results in character detection or skill targets. Find option under plygame Main Editor > Main -> System.

Erratic behavior by NPC's when the number of NPC's increases
(Leslie Young) #70


  • Fixed the help buttons to point to where documentation is located now.
  • Unity 2018 compatibility (let me know if you find any problem I might have missed).

(Leslie Young) #71


  • Small fixes around Skill system.
  • Will require Unity 2018.1.6+ to get this patch.