plyInventory System | v1.8



Hello everyone.

Version 1.8 of the plyInventory System is now available. PM for purchase information.

Take a look at this showcase video to see some of the features in place and how he system works. A full tutorial series has also been made and can be found over at:


  • -Unlimited Slots/Inventories
  • -Vendor System
  • -Dynamic Vendor Item Generation
  • -Drag ‘n’ Drop
  • -Currencies
  • -Weight
  • -Tooltip
  • -Equip Slots/Equipping
  • -Save/Load System


  • -Vendor Buyback
  • -Storage
  • -Chest Loot System
  • -Crafting System


This is being coded in C# by the way for those who are wondering. Also, the module will support plyGame items along with a native item system.


Finishing up the system. Should be up next week.

(ozziedave) #4


Are you still contemplating the Complete Crafting/Inventory/Gathering/Vendor System ?.



That system was too difficult for new plyGame users and was just not written well.

This inventory however will have its own Crafting, Gathering, Vendor, Bank systems so just keep an eye out for the modules. First the inventory will be released, then most likely vendor & bank, then crafting & gathering.

(ozziedave) #6

Terrific MOTE, sounds like a great collection of Plug-Ins.


System completed. Only fixing tooltip orientation and adding right click functionality.

(William) #8

Sweet look forward to it


Finally got around to some spare time.

Will add the right click ‘use’ and tooltip orientation fix probably this week.


Just finishing the Load/Save framework. Supports Profiles, Save Slots, Load Slots, Deleting Saves, Deleting Profiles.

This is a custom LoadSave not PlayerPrefs. Uses the binary thats part of 'System". May include Json version at a later time.


Still finishing. had to extend it to be able to search slots as well and save the slot data.



Hey everyone. Since the i am going about this with a modular approach, i wanted to give everyone the ability to be able to create an item database locally so they can store all items directly there, and then just be able to instantiate or pool the items into the game via calls to the database.

So, the system now supports a very easy approach using XML. You can easily create all items there now with their own unique ID’s, similar to Bethesda titles, and other information that relates to that item.

The good thing about doing this, is that you can have that local file for the base items, then when you instantiate them into the world you can randomize the stats if thats what youre after.

Obviously, i will include tutorials for all systems included so no need to worry about learning XML or any crazy stuff.



System is finished!

Just creating a few helper blox for spawning items to the bag directly and adding to currency amount.



Blox are finished! Im sure there will be more requested at some point but for now it will ship with these blox:

Up next is to make the tutorial for the system. It will basically cover the setup of the system, making the GUI from scratch, making items from scratch, adding items to the database, overview of custom blox, and using the LoadSave system.

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

Oh my goodness…

(ozziedave) #16

Terrific work MOTE,

Great to advance plyGame a few notches.

Love your work.



Ill be gone until the 7th. Tutorial will be up on the 7th probably as well as the info to get the kit.



Forgot to add a vendor so ill go ahead and add that for the release. Should only take a couple days.



Tutorials are being made now that the vendor system is finished.



Product is now live over at: