plyInventory System | v1.8



Next update of the system will include storage capability as well as equipping unlimited other bags to increase the inventory size dynamically therefore adding more slots. Im also aiming to add in the buyback vendor tab as well but we will see how much time i have for add that in this update.

Also, sidenote here but im also creating a crafting/building/gathering module to go with the system of course.

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For those of you still using RPGUI included with plygame and find that you can no longer control your character after installing plyinventory, please watch this video to fix it.
(There is a mouse over GUI line in the script that causes issues with the negative field and needs commented out)


Does this work (particularly the load save which I understand doesn’t use player prefs) on mobile?

And since on mobile you can’t press an I key to call the inventory, can you open the inventory through a button?


@Catacomber Yes the LoadSave works with mobile.

I did not develop the kit for use with mobile in mind, but if i have some spare time ill see if i can add mobile UI in.


That would be great. Also stackable items? :smiley:



Ok added that in. ill push it to the new update.

Stackable items will probably be in one of the bigger updates, but it will be in the kit so dont worry.


New customer here. Downloading it now. : D Will you be sending the updates via email? That would be wonderful. Thx.

I’m not worrying about stackable items right now — I’m still learning plygame----but all my players more or less demand stackable inventory items----they will kill me at Touch Arcade if i don’t have an inventory with stackable items. : /

They might kill me for other reasons too but that is a biggie.


Yes whenever there is an update it will be pushed to all owners of the asset.

Yea dont worry. Im basically creating a bunch of kits so im juggling between each one adding the extra features. But yea look for that feature in update 1.6 probably.

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Do you have a list or info about each update to say what was changed? a changelog of some kind? Just so that if we have done something using this, and an update comes, we will know if the update will affect what we have done.

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I have been through the videos twice, and played around with the demo, and it looks awesome. I was just about to bring it into my actual game, but your latest video said that you will be adding the quest log, action bar, etc, so I will hold off to see how it all works, to see if I should keep mine or switch to yours.

One thing I will be adding if you don’t make it part of the system would be a visual cursor for interaction. What I mean is when you get to a vendor, and you are in range, and hold the mouse over the vendor, the cursor should change to show you can interact. If you run up to a different person and you want to talk to them, the cursor should change to show you can interact. Just some kind of visual indication that you are in range and can interact.

What I was building into mine was when the cursor is over a trader and you are in range, it changes to a little bag icon to show you can trade with this character, if it is over a NPC who is friendly or neutral, it changes to a little voice bubble to show you can talk to this character, and obviously, when it is over an enemy target it changes to a crosshair or what ever that attack will use.

I have some other ideas, but I will wait to see the final product before spamming you with them, lol.

Good stuff so far.

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@March_of_the_Ents released this 9 months ago, over in this thread.

Download the Change cursor block, and use it in “On Mouse Enter” and “On Mouse Exit” events.

(Helgard de Barros) #32

Yep, I got it already, what I was planning to use. Just checking if he was going to build it into the inventory or if I can go ahead and build it in myself.


Yes i will upload the update log to the site next update and will have a track list from then on.



Version 1.5 is live.

Patch Notes:



Version 1.6 is live.

Patch Notes:



Issue with more than 1 vendor in the scene right now. Will edit the system to allow for more than one as for some reason i thought it was working when it was shipped.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it will be updated within the week.



Version 1.7 is live.

Patch Notes:



Version 1.8 is live.

Patch Notes:



The first large update will be coming soon. Below is a list of features it will host.

  • Adding equip blocks to equip items via blocks as well as the standard way. Similar to add item to bag.
  • Adding new Storage Add-on
  • Adding Vendor buyback option
  • Adding stackable item ability
  • Adding loot chest / built in loot table system

Progress on this update will come soon.



Sorry about the long delay on this update. Working on making the system more modular to be able to fit many game genres. I feel itll make the experience better when developing with the kit. Stay tuned!