Portal Trigger (Simple component for quick and easy Scene-changing)

(RaiuLyn) #1

Created as a result during game developing and as a small solution to this topic(Scene Flow)

Introducing the ‘Portal Trigger’, where you can quickly set up portals between scenes with ease. It is derived from plyGame’s Area Trigger component so you can use plyBlox on it. Basically, think of it as Area Trigger with Scene-changing functionality.


  1. Create an empty GameObject.
  2. Add the ‘Portal Trigger’ component to the said empty Gameobject in step 1 and position it to where entries and exits are.
  3. Input the names of the scene the portals should teleport the player to.
  4. Input an ID on the portals connected between scenes and make sure they have the same IDs.
    It’s done so let your player waltz into its trigger area and it will do the rest for you.

Picture to help visualize portals:

PortalTrigger_v1.3.zip (1.7 KB)

(RaiuLyn) #2



  • Fixed Persist problems