Possibility of placing multi height auto tile?

(Studio Pixellore) #1

Ok, so for a terrain type auto tile, I was wondering if it is possible to place tile on top of the tile in a auto tile way to create more vertical cliff like walls. Assuming that the art set is made for it.

So I want to place a tile, and then raise the grid up, and then place another tile on top at the same x , z point.
Then the first tile I have placed should change to the base tile ( that has no top part in the model ) and the second tile I have placed shows the tile with smooth continuity and then top part with ground on.

In order for this to work , we will ofcouse need 3 sets of autotiles, one for bottom, middle, top sets. I can sort of see that this is already possible with using layer and then manually placing them by changing sets per layer , but it would be super cool to be able to just draw with a single “set” that can do this auto tiling not just horizontally but vertically too.

(Leslie Young) #2

The auto-tile system for terrain does not support it. It can only handle “stepped” terrain when going up or down a level of terrain.

I suppose you could get such an effect with manually placing and using layers but if you depend on having such terrain faces a lot then this will turn out to be a lot of work and it might be better to think of an alternative way of creating your game’s maps.

(Studio Pixellore) #3

Ok. I can understand that limitation.

So… lately I tried to use auto delete feature. It seems like it is a great idea to optimize the tile so the inner unseen tiles are not drawn. But I would like this only happen when my painting tile is the ( floor ) tile only. The other types (walls) should leave the top and bottom tiles not deleted. This is so that my tiles don’t have to have any bottom grounds attached. (it will use top part of underneath tile)

So… I tried to modify the source code but… I am unable to make the tool run properly. The source expects the icons to load from the assembly files…

Then I tried to modify the source and then rebuild the plugin, but then I am not sure how to do this properly, because when I tried to build the dll, it says the other dependency is not found etc…

Can you at least direct me on how to build the dll again? Also it looks like it is load some assetbundle too… really confusing. Is there any source file setup so I can just modify the source and then click on build button to rebuild the dlls again? Or any source file version that just runs in the Unity without needing any dlls?

(Leslie Young) #4

What are the exact errors you are getting?