Possible to create a dress up or fashion RPG?


Hello. I bought PlyGame for Unity a while back, though I ended up on Hiatus due to some frustrations during the tutorial… but I feel like trying it again and this time, I’m wondering if it’d be possible to create a dress up game.
That is, a game where the character can be dressed up in many combinations of outfits and accessories (in the form of equipment), which could all be added onto the existing base player model (with their chosen hair/face/body from the character creation)?

I’m also wondering if worn items could have some sort of tag or keyword attached to it, which could affect some in-game consequence… such as swim pants being labeled as a “swimwear” item in the “sporty” theme, and either deducting or adding to two different types of “score” that a player needs a certain amount of each, to pass an event. Would that perhaps be done as bonus stat boosts on items are, or is there something else more suited to this?
Basically, I’m wanting to have something similar to Love Nikki or Romantic Diaries.

I’m a complete beginner with no coding experience however, so I feel like this might be too challenging or ambitious to figure out by myself… I can model, rig, texture, and animate in Blender all fine, but no idea about how to actually implement, configure, or code stuff, as my only experience is with very user-friendly stuff such as putting models into VRChat and Second Life.

Also, would it be possible for the game to be made for web browsers like with WebGL? Or is it for standalone clients only?

(A.K.) #2

I was able to get a character creator made with plyGame!

I will say, I ran into a ton of problems afterward though. Especially since it’s a pretty complicated creator, and I was very inexperienced starting out. (I’m still having trouble getting the custom characters to load between scenes haha…)

It would be very possible! just a lot of work. (though significantly less work than if you were starting from scratch!)

Here are some little things from my own endevours:

  • Take digital notes when watching Leslie’s video tutorials. This way you can search something (ctrl-f) in your notes if you forgot how to do it, as opposed to finding where it was talked about in the video. (It wouldn’t hurt to write down the time stamps either)
  • You’ll want to model EVERYTHING on the same file. Unless you plan to have DRASTICALLY different animations for the characters being dressed up, have ALL of your meshes in the same blender file, and label those meshes accordingly. If you’re using the PlyGame simple character creator, be sure to follow Leslie’s naming conventions to avoid a lot of headache when importing into Unity.
  • If you want to use submeshes that change color, Check out this topic: “Modify Components question
  • Make sure when you use variables to use global variables if you want them to save across scenes! Have EVERYTHING save to a global variable somehow, including the colors! (Trust me, I made this mistake, and it still hurts. May even have to redo my creator)

Hopefully, this helps in the long run! Character customization is ridiculously complex, and believe it or not, the simple customizer in plygame is one of the easier systems to understand and use on the unity market right now! Until someone makes a simpler, more user-friendly one, plygame’s character customization system is probably your best bet.

As for the second part of your question about the items having different labels, I’d imagine it would be telling the computer “if ____ is visible, add/deduct a point” or something like that. And change what needs to be visible depending on what’s being judged.


Thanks a ton! This does sound like super useful advice, especially for prepping the models and such, before I make any grave mistakes. XD
Oh, I think I actually have seen this character creator demo before, it was really neat and inspired me to get PlyGame in the first place, actually.

Anyway, I will try re-doing the tutorial to see if I have improved since last I tried, and fiddle around in Unity some more.

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Aww, that’s so cool! ^^/ I’m glad you liked my demo!

Best of luck to you! Creating games can be frustrating but also rewarding when things go right!

(Leslie Young) #5

I think AK described everything else. There are videos on how to use the included, but quite basic, character customiser. For a more advanced one you might look at UMA2.

As for WebGL, I do not officially support this but people have managed to use it before with plyGame.