[Pre-Purchase Question] How to modify objects safely


Hello! I’m working on a dungeon crawler and TileEd seems like the perfect tool for the job from what I’ve seen on YouTube.

My question is how do you work with specific object instances and modified prefab values. For example, let’s say I want to place a chest-prop but then modify the treasure content.

Or I want to have a floor tile prefab with a Switch component added to it that then links to a specific door.

From what I understand, all those custom values would be wiped out if I refresh the TileEd map.

I could use another root object besides the TiledEd map to house all those objects, but that would make for an awkward workflow, switching back and force between TileEd and standard Unity tools.

Making a new prefab Tile for each possible value also seems quite cumbersome.

What would be the ideal workflow?

(Leslie Young) #2

Yes, a “recreate” would destroy those objects and you would loose all custom values added via the Inspector.

There is not really a solution to this. The editor was made more for the static tiles and props placement. Props like grass, rocks, buildings, etc rather than things with actual game mechanics attached.

The only solution would be a prefab for each of the special objects. The other problem is that these objects will be stuck with bunch of other random objects in the props hierarchy and probably hard to find and configure (if you do not click in scene) so ye, not ideal and one could just as well place manually then and configure the placed object to be unique from the prefab.


Alright, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

In the mean-time I had a new idea: I could make my own editor for Unity where I select a GO with TileEd, and then hit a button to create another, invisible object at the same place, under a different root-object. It would only be a collider plus the scripts it needs. I think that could work nicely.

(Leslie Young) #4

I guess it is worth mentioning that there is an option to not include Props in the “recreate” action which removes placed objects. Recreate ignores Props in TileEd settings.

I should probably have led with this :blush: