Problem with Duplicate

(Carine Rousseau) #1

I have a big problem with Duplicate. I often duplicate to save time. But, when I make change in the duplicate part, this also changes in the original part. When I correct the original part, it also changes my duplicate part and so on. It takes a lot of time and makes bugs.
Is there anything I can do to avoid this problem?





(Leslie Young) #2

I spotted a few places where a copied action might keep a “link” to the original action. I’ll make changes to these for update 1.3.7.

(Carine Rousseau) #3

Thanks, you are the best ^^

(Carine Rousseau) #4

It doesn’t work with Branch (when I change variable in branch in duplicate scene, it changes in origin scene too).

(Leslie Young) #5

I am unable to reproduce this. Can you maybe record a video to show what you mean? Maybe I am missing the exact problem,

Btw, old copied scenes will still have the problem since the fix was in the code making the duplication. I can not remove old links in scenes copied before the fix; if that is what you are testing in.