Problem with Log

(Carine Rousseau) #1

The log works at the beginning of my game, then stops working until the end of the game.
I put you the error code that I see in my console. I don’t understand the error, sorry.

(Leslie Young) #2

Have a look <at this post> to learn how to correctly post those error messages here. Most of the time I need more information that what a screenshot can show.

I especially need to know the content of the 1st and 3rd error messages as seen in screenshot.

(Carine Rousseau) #3

I did not have Invalid Operation again. Only two String ErrorS et two Argument ErrorS.

(Leslie Young) #4

Seems like Unity’s UI label/text element can’t handle the amount of text to be shown.
I’ll have a quick look when i get time to see if this can be changed somehow.

(Leslie Young) #5

Will be a ‘fix’ to remove the excess (earlier) words in v1.3.6 so that the limit is not hit.

(Carine Rousseau) #6

It works. Thanks !