Problems with lists


I can not take values ​​from the list of variables(game data)through blox and flow graphs too

(Leslie Young) #2

Sorry for late reply. I’ll have a look at the List Blocks today and give you an answer on this a bit later. The Blox list Blocks are somewhat of a special case and might need some additions to allow them to access lists defined in Game Data.

(Leslie Young) #3

There was a bug in the Block context which prevented it from accepting the List Block as context. (get Version 0.26)

The FlowGraph List nodes works on the BGS List Variable type rather than “real” lists. So the only way to access that data from FlowGraph would be to dump it into a List Variable first.

I’ve create a little guide on working with lists. GameData Lists in Blox and FlowGraph


Thank you very much:+1: