Profile save not accessible via blox

(Alien) #1

i tried to access the set profile in blox, but couldn’t find it. i see it in the flow graph, but that didn’t seem to kick off. i manually scripted it, without issue. just was wondering if it would show up in blox at some point.

(Leslie Young) #2

There is not such node in the FlowGraph? There are however the components under BGS > GUI > Panels > Persistence to help build the UI around profiles and save slots. I suggest using those since exposing Blocks to do this will be very limiting. There is an example project that uses them, here.

I explain the use of those components in this video.

Btw those component scripts are under Assets\Tools\BGS\scripts\GUI\Panels\Persistence if you want to change them. They should be fine as-is for most projects though.

(Alien) #3

ya i found them in flow canvas, but wasn’t sure if they would also be in Blox. how do you determine what will be in flowgraph and what will be handled in blox?

(Leslie Young) #4

I think there is some confusion.

My previous message talks about Components which are available in the Blox Game Systems package, not about Nodes or Blocks. Components are a Unity thing and you can use them without FlowGraph or Blox Visual Scripting being present.

Blox Game Systems includes two systems for building logic and game flow; the FlowGraph system, which is “Node” based, and Blox Visual Scripting, which uses “Blocks” you snap together- similar to Blox 3.

On this forum I use the shorter term “Blox” to refer to the Blox Visual Scripting system, and FlowGraph to refer to the FlowGraph system. “BGS” is of course Blox Game Systems.

My videos might show FlowGraph but that is just because that was what was available or what was easier to use while making the video. You will note that the actual saving/loading/profile panels do not communicate with FlowGraph.