Props affecting Navigation Area

(Matt Molloy) #1

Hello again :slight_smile:

I’m using plant and bush prefabs from the Fantasy-Land-Set - and everything is set off on each object for Nav Mesh settings (Navigation Static: off, Generate OffMeshLinks: off, Nav Area: disabled). This is pushed to all of those prefabs for plants and bushes. With these settings I would expect the nav mesh not to be affected - with agents simply passing through them.

However, when baking the nav area I see that these prefabs are indeed affecting the nav mesh and when I investigate under the TileEd Map and check their setting against what is set, I see that they have all changed to Navigation Static: on, Generate OffMeshLinks: on, Navigation Area: Not Walkable.

why do these prefabs have their nav settings changed during the process of painting them?

Is it okay to go in under the TileEd Map and change them to off again or is there something I am missing? (this would be time consuming, we have large levels with lots of plants and bushes).


(Leslie Young) #2

Check if the prop(s) do not perhaps have something set in their drop-down. The option you choose at the top is the defaults for adding new ones.

After changing this you could runt the “Recreate map” option in the map’s inspector to quickly reset the values on all the placed props (or do it via by selecting the scene objects and making changes in the inspector as needed).


(Matt Molloy) #3

Thank you once again - that solved my issue.