Proudly plyGame

(Francois) #1

Here is my prototype. I am using this as a plyGame and Unity learning curve. for the next 6 months and then it’s time to start my very own game :slight_smile:

Your feedback is VERY welcome!


I still need to get to know how the UI work in terms of “trading” and so on. There is not really anything as good as Marshall’s tutorials out there. Also, starting to get the hang of spells and passives however advanced animation is my DOWNFALL! :slight_smile:

BIG Thanks to the main cats on the forum always willing to help a noob out and I am sure sometimes laughing in their sleeves :slight_smile:

(A.K.) #2

Wow! This looks fantastic!

How long did it take you to put it together?

(Francois) #3

Hi and thanks! I would say ±5 months now. I’ve created a reasonably popular Torchlight II mod and eventually decided that I want to “create” my own game. It was pure chance that I found itsmar’s tutorial series and then also discovered plyGame and that got me “into it” :slight_smile:

(A.K.) #4


Well those 5 or so months have definitely paid off! ^^/

(Francois) #5

Cheers thanks dude!

(William) #6

Awesome, that gameplay looks epic, I look forward to seeing more.