Question about copying/duplicating scenes

(noah) #1

I have a main scene for my game but I need to “copy” that scene to keep a lot of the game objects already there and to only add/delete whatever is needed. A lot of those objects have a plybox component attached with their respective events and I will need to make some adjustments to the blocks contained there.
So my question is, if I copy/duplicate the scene, will it copy the plybox/blocks contained as well? Because I made a test (copy-paste the scene) and the plybox components were indeed attached to the respective game objects but they were empty (no states/events) so I’m trying to pin point where the problem might be and I started by making sure it is or not a plygame/plybox situation, in terms of the copy scene procedure.


(Alien) #2

i typically don’t have issues copying scenes. Blox seems to hold together (unless its referencing the next scene, which the name changed) …

(Helgard de Barros) #3

I don’t have any issues copying scenes either. The only time I have had issues is as Alien said, you are referencing something. So, for example, you are referencing a UI element, that element might not reference properly because it is looking for it in another place.

(noah) #4

Ok. I’ll look for the issue at somewhere else, maybe an object causing a cascade of problems.
So, if I manage to copy the scenes, the blox contents will be independent from the ones of the original scene? I mean, those are also copies?


(Helgard de Barros) #5

It depends. If the blox are in a prefab, then the prefab is part of both scenes, and the prefab is the same for both scenes, changing the prefab will change it in both scenes. For example, if you have an NPC with a plygame blox on him, and you duplicate the scene, the NPC is a prefab, he stays the same for both scenes, and is not a copy in the sense that you can change his blox in one scene and not the other. Hope that makes sense.