Question regarding supported platforms

(Jonas Nielsen) #1


I have used plyGame and Blox2 previously and am considering using Blox3 for my next project but looking at the faq i have a question regarding platform support

So it says that windows mobile/store is not supported which is not a big deal but then goes on to state that any platforms not mentioned can be assumed to not work

That means all consoles?

The reason i’m asking is because i thought that maybe, since the ability to export to c# scripts, this could have changed


(Leslie Young) #2

I have absolutely no idea what will happen on console sine I have never done console development.

The main problem would be the refection code in the Blox DLLs. Even if you export scripts these DLLs are still present and can’t be removed since the scripts depends on types declared in the, The exported scripts are not stand-alone.

But on console the Mono runtime should be used so it would be similar to making an Android or WebGL build. The Windows Mobile is an issue cause there a special cut down version of .Net is used which removes some things that Blox needs (and if I could test properly I could probably support it by just using what is available in that version of .Net).

(Jonas Nielsen) #3

Ok, cheers

(Man Chun Siu) #4

support xboxone consoles?

(Alien) #5


i have a windows mobile device. if you want me to test anything on it for you, I’m more then happy to help.

(Leslie Young) #6

support xboxone consoles?

@man_chun_Siu No idea. I do not have such a device to run a test.