Re-sizing screen to properly fit mobile device


Hi! First of all, Vinoma is quite an amazing asset.

Secondly, here’s my issue: My devices resolution is 2560x1440, on a 5.7" screen, so the buttons and dialogue on my program are so small that they are essentially unreadable.

For anyone that has dealt with making mobile programs in Unity, or particularly to Leslie, do you have any suggestions on how to re-size the screen to properly fit a mobile device?



Also, I might as well add this: On my mobile device, I can enter the settings. But I cannot apply the settings. If I click the apply button, it changes color as if its being pressed, however it takes me nowhere. I stay in the settings menu. Any ideas on what would cause this? Possible solutions?


(Leslie Young) #3

Vinoma was not tested on mobile devices. See,

For the Apply button problem I’m guessing some error is thrown since it tries to apply the Fullscreen and Resolution options, which can’t be changed on mobile. I’m just guessing but this is the most like problem. I’ll create a patch of Vinoma that allows you to disable the application of these two options. You will have to modify the config window yourself and remove the resolution and fullscreen options from the settings window since I can’t apply any changes to it from code seeing that it could mess up custom design that a developer may choose to do. But you are going to make the UI pretty eventually anyway so this should not be a problem.

If possible, find the log to see what error was thrown since this will help track down the exact problem. I do not work with mobile devices so I can’t help on how to do this but you should find info on or the unity forum.

For the size problem you will probably have to resize the UI elements to fit with that kind of resolution. Easiest might be to play with the Canvas Scaler options first. With the Vinoma Main Scene open, click on the VinomaGUI object and in the inspector you will see the Canvas Scaler options. Try some different options there and check how the results look in the scene view. I’ve designed the UI for a 1024x768 resolution and PC screens.

(Cody) #4

I have the same problem here!

First off, I got Unity and Vinoma to make a mobile game, which is pretty awesome as I’m doing quite well. But on the Settings does not hide the panel and return to the game. I understand that this asset was not intended for mobile devices but I think this should be quite a simple fix on the part of the developers. Anyway I can just hide the settings panel all together for mobile, but! It WOULD BE MORE AWESOME if Vinoma could do it for us in upcoming updates.

As an added bonus I found this tutorial on Youtube that helped me to make the UI Responsive for mobile screens:

(Leslie Young) #5

What is the error message you are getting? Unity stops executing a script when those red error messages are thrown in the console (depending on what error it is) and that can be the reason for the panel not closing.

See this post on how to report error messages When Reporting Errors

(Cody) #6

Hi Leslie

I get this error:
“Game scripts or other custom code contains OnMouse_ event handlers. Presence of such handlers might impact performance on handheld devices. UnityEditor.HostView:OnGUI()”

Tho it’s not a critical one. And it doesn’t show when I test the settings panel. Maybe there is something wrong with the HideThisandShowPreviousPanel() script. Anyway. Thanks!

(Leslie Young) #7

I did a quick test in Unity 5.6 and do not get messages related to the OnMouseUpAsButton and OnMouseEnter/Exit events (which are used by the Hotspots system and Clickable Objects).

Please post the complete message as explained here When Reporting Errors
It is easier for me when I can see what the source code line numbers are that is causing problems.

Note however that I am not testing for mobile…
are they actually errors or just warnings? Errors are red, warnings yellow, and messages/ logs are white.
only errors would cause real problems.


Was this patch ever created? being able to disable these features would be super helpful for me to setup for mobile. Much appreciated.

(Leslie Young) #9

Look in Vinoma settings,