[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Hjupter Cerrud) #1

Hey guys I just wanted to show you the extension I’ve been working for plyGame which its basically an integration with Photon Unity Network + extras.

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Here is a list of some of the features included:

  • PhotonPlayer and PhotonNPC component:
    • Position
    • Rotation
    • Skills
    • Attributes
    • Actor states (Dead, Alive)
    • Factions
  • All Photon Events
  • Crowd Manager System (Handle hundreds of actors with few network messages)
  • Lot of Photon Actions and Values:
    • RPC / Blox RPCs
    • Raise Events
    • Player Properties
    • Room Properties
    • And much more…
  • Many custom blox:
    • Character Jump, Land, Footstep and more
  • Custom blox for assets:
    • Text Mesh Pro
    • Pool Manager
    • Audio Toolkit
    • EZ Replay Manager

All you have to do with your current player or npc is just attach the correct component, these components keeps track of almost everything on the actor/character and keep it synch for current players and even send updates to new players all automatically, you can also choose to synch selected blox variables. These components are optimized to send as less messages as possible in order to save bandwith.

Right now there 3 ways to send messages with photon:

  • Raise Event which requires you listen to an event and check the event id
  • RPC which needs to be defined on a script with the attribute [PunRPC]
  • And RPC Blox which makes your life easier and all you have to do is define and event called [RPC]YourRPCName
    This one is the easiest one to use but right now limited to 4 parameters, I will make this to work with a list instead.

This extension also comes with few extras like:

  • Custom PlayerThirdPersonController with the ablity to jump as many times as you want
  • Add HUD blox wich will automatically adds a character HUD with a predefined prefab and settings
    This take care automatically of update character hp bar, name and level.
  • A very simple footstep system with a On Character Foostep blox event. Only works with mecanim.
  • On Landed and On Jump events for characters, this is useful for things like adding particles or sound effects.

Roadmap / In Progress
This is just a list of what I’m currently working or plan to work:

Trello Project

After finish with this Photon Blox project I have planned to work on a UNET version.

Here is a demo I’m still working and its a bit far from perfect but here is how its looking:

WebGL Demo

I have planned to push this to the Asset Store soon this month hopefully.

If you have any suggestion just let me know.

Can use multiplayer with uniRPG?
Im trying to make an Online RPG is ply for me?
[Free] NJG Blox
Knights Ascend [Alpha]
(Jason Burch) #2

Great demo.

(Todd) #3

This is exciting :smiley: This is available now or is there projected release date?

I have planned to push this to the Asset Store soon this month hopefully.

lol sorry!

(Hjupter Cerrud) #4

Than you guys!

I just posted a PC Build demo and updated the WebGL demo, there was some minor bugs, I will be constantly updating these demos.


are you gonna implement the SQL ?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #6

For LoadSave providers I only have planned to implement Parse and PlayFab, they have free plans you can use that if you want I would not use SQL

(Jason Burch) #7

Awesome I love parse and have just started looking into PlayFab


fair enough with Playfab, didnt know about this. could maybe get interesting, i didnt read all of it, but could it store like mmorpg’s stuff on DB?

(Jamie pearce) #9

i really like the character controller portion of the demo its really nice and its the farthest anyone has gotten for plygame online :slight_smile: i cant wait to purchase this.

a basic tutorial would also be great XD

Continue the great work

Will there be some sort of admin commands feature in the future to you know spawn items or npc’s that you’ve added to the game but you only spawn for events XD

(Hjupter Cerrud) #10

Yes of course, you can make whatever type of game you want with that.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #11

Thank you!.. the CharacterController is a slightly modified version of the original one, the modifications are just to be able to jump as many time you setup on the inspector, send jump events to other players so they can see when you jump and which number of jump it was and also there is the On Character Jump event which is handy for showing particles when you double jump for example.

I’m not sure what do you mean with those command events, right now in the demo the NPC’s are being spawned by the MasterClient on the On Joined Room event:

(Paul) #12

This looks awesome, will it include blocks for “Bolt” as this simple to use multiplayer system is now integrated into Photon I think. I know they have acquired it.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #13

Hi thanks!!.. well Bolt is a really nice network engine but I’m afraid its way different than PUN (Photon Unity Networking) I would probably make another version of this for Bolt but after PUN my priority is UNET this would 3 different assets of course.

(Paul) #14

Ah ok was not sure… I had bolt but have not as yet done a lot of network tinkering. Bolt was to me the easiest to understand and implement… But hey, Still learning… lol

(Marshall Heffernan) #15

whoooah impressive

(Jamie pearce) #16

that’s one future question answered…
uhmm what i mean is like a command window that only administrators can use i would assume there will be a user name and password system for login into the server.

basically when you enter lets say a spawn item command similar to this.
/item (Item Id) hit enter. then it will check to see if the player is admin if so spawn item if not dont spawn item and the item would need to be spawned over the network of course XD.

sorry if this is confusing i have bad punctuation.

(Ryan) #17

Make sure you have some basic videos up upon release, this will help people decide if they want it tremendously.
I for one will certainly buy the asset if you get some more information up.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #18

This is a very specific feature tho, you can implement this by using or doing something like this: Command Line Console for plyGame | Noclip, Godmode, AddItem, SetAttribute & more then if(PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient) spawn the item you want and so on.

If I’m going to integrate Parse and Playfab it will definitely going to need a login system but this won’t be on the first release.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #19

Yes I definitely need to look into this. I have never made a tutorial video and my english is not that good but I guess I’m gonna give it a try. In the mean time I can also make a PDF too :smile:

(Jamie pearce) #20

alright cool i was just wondering if it was possible to spawn items in the server and not just client side XD im already using that console XD