[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Hjupter Cerrud) #223

BrainCloud and Photon are different… BrainCloud is for Player Management, Database and other online services.

The BrainCloud blox is a Load Save Provider for plyGame so it store your player data using their service.


Im recently working with GameSparks, I plan to make a LoadSaveProvider for plyGame (GameSparks Blox)


Another cool option is PlayFab

(tequyla) #224



(tequyla) #225


i received this warn:

is possible to update unity store pacakge without your own project settings ?


(Hjupter Cerrud) #226

Is this the package from the asset store or the full demo? I dont remember pushing any project settings to the asset store.

(Jamie pearce) #227

Its the package from asset store its done that since day i purchased.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #228

Thats weird, you dont really need any project settings from there. I will check that out in the next update.

(Jamie pearce) #229

Perfect thanks

(tequyla) #230

Hi Hjupter,


is possible to publish on youtube a tutorial concerning a room initialisation with login/password screen followed by main menu screen (new scene) and finally player spawn ingame (new scene) ?


(Marshall Heffernan) #231

If I remember correctly, @Hjupter previously mentioned something about having a thick accent, and English not being his first language

(Although I’d still love to see a video, as I could see what to click on, how things work, etc.).

I was going to make a step by step video tutorial, with in-depth explanations, but I could never get photonBlox to work.

Enemies spawning sideways, characters becoming un-sync’d from their positions, one player controlling every player, animations shared across all players, enemies with no collision, not being able to hit enemies, etc. - none of my experience in unity and plyGame seemed translate to photonBlox… Just unable to do anything.

Even after months of trying, I just couldn’t even get a simple scene to work, and thus I’m in no position to give networking advice to anyone.

I’d love to see a video, or at the very least, a detailed, step-by-step walk through on what to do.

Using something like that, maybe I could make some videos about the asset.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #232

With the new version Im improved this by a lot, its faster and better and with some new cool features. I would love to get along with you on skype so I could walk you through step by step and you could make your awesome video tutorials.

I can tell you that NPC’s sync, character skill, target, equipment sync etc its almost perfect now!

(tequyla) #233

no worry concerning the accent, sometimes, text notification on video is very useful.

For example, the screen below show the init step. when i click on campaign or coop game, i loose something concerning photon. i m not sure if photo support multiple scenes.


(Marshall Heffernan) #234

Yeah, that would be nice. If you could teach me (to have a more solid understanding of how everything works) I could teach everyone else.

(tequyla) #235

i found a way for authent system with photon by Jeff W. Murray


(Jamie pearce) #236

Ive become extremely good with photon blocks and plan on starting a tutorial series soon

Ive already told hjupter i would assist with that since hes helped me alot XD my basic tutorial for plygame are pretty much done so ill do a project for
Photon blocks i have a pretty complete project still adding mobs and more to the visuals but the core game works flawlessly online

(Jamie pearce) #237

ive started on the first tutorial on how to setup plygame with photon blox braincloud and photon
it also includes how to connect and authenticate to the server

in the next tutorial we will make an online compatible character and a scene we can join into

ill record that when i return home sunday night

you can find the tutorial on my youtube in a couple hours since its almost an hour tutorial XD
(youtube name): XDesign101 look for the play list with photon blox tutorial

(Hjupter Cerrud) #238

Just updated the version on https://sellfy.com/p/p4Uz/ also adjusted the price.

(tequyla) #239


unity store will be updated soon too ?


(Hjupter Cerrud) #240

Yes, I’m still adding features and fixing things but it will be updated soon!

(Jamie pearce) #241

im waiting for the update on the asset store to continue my tutorials series just letting people know who might be following
when its released ill be making a really in depth tutorial how to make sure your character syncs correctly and what not around thous lines.
if you know how to use plygame then you should be able to follow easily since alot of the work is the same
if not maybe roll over to my regular plygame tutorials or check out itmars tutorials to get used to plygame before working with photon blox XD

(im a photon blox tester and can say that the update is coming along)


Thanks XDesign. Do you guys have a timeline for the new release?