[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Jamie pearce) #263

Ive already got 2 video out with the basic setup to getting online in a scene with the update im gonna continue the tutorials
Youtube my name xdesign101

(Alien) #264


Your website and support forum are both down. just FYI.

also your package on the asset store NJG Blox (plyGame+) has a minor warning something about a monohandler

how does this handle dynamic scenes where stuff is spawned or generated at runtime?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #265


Yes I have a big issue with my hosting, sorry about that :frowning:

That version of NJG is very old, I guess its time to update it.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

(Alien) #266

well specifically i would like to try to integrate this package:

but in general random spawners to randomize the scene with trees, rocks, etc shouldn’t be an issue?

(DarkDeivel) #267

I add to my project new version Photon Blox.

In my project i use “Top Down Controller”. I again have problems with synchronization. Synchronization of the position takes place in jumps … If you use the “Top down nav controller” then everything is fine. But I use WASD controls and a screen joystick (android) in my projects.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #268

Let me take a look at that.

There is a new Top Down Nav Controller inside Photon Blox which works with Nav and WASD you can use that controller.

(DarkDeivel) #269

I found a controller in your scripts and it really helped me!

How to configure HUD? Set the player’s name and HP Bar to display health?

I’m trying send rpc with blox, i use block “RPC Blox”. What the problem?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #270

Did you added the [RPC] event to the blox?

(DarkDeivel) #271

Yes, i add block[Set Tag Object] in event on player “On Photon Instantiate” and RPC work fine!

New question! How to sync faction? I change in game player faction use rpc, for all connected players in room change work, but the new connected players do not see the faction of those who have already been connected to them? Thank for support!


@hjupter I’m getting compile errors again when attempting to import these packages for another shot. I see PUN was updated on the 17th. Does your package have compatibility with that version, or do I need to get an older version of PUN?


Using PUN 1.80 resolved the issues, for anyone else.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #274

there was some new events added to PUN I’m about to push an update with these events as also few more example scenes for Load Levels and RPC Blox

(Jamie pearce) #275

Once u get the project working make a backup before u update most of the time photon updates with new events causing photon bloxs not to function temporarily

Backups are a good practise as i recently lost some of a project due to a crash

(Jamie pearce) #276

Attributes sync so u could make a pvp attribute some place in the player u will change the value when u hit a trigger so enter an area set the pvp attribute to the value that will auto set ur pvp

That or use an rpc event to cast ur pvp mode to the remote

The rpc would have less steps

Edit you could just set the faction of on the triggering object to pvp when u enter and back to not pvo when u leave thays how i do it i do use a pvo local variable so i know im in pvp mode

(DarkDeivel) #277

Hi! How me synchronise move speed and animation?

I use

Animation walk correctly sychronise, but if i change move speed for other players nothing will change.

(Jamie pearce) #278

good question what you can do is use an rpc to send the info to your remote so everyone else also see this change

when you call to set the move speed also trigger a rpc setting the move speed on only your remote so youd check if photon view (none)or(the player gameobject) is mine then
place an else and set the move speed in there and in the if as well this way itle set on both you and your remote so others see the change

if you cant get your player without useing your actual player use my second method below

i also found that in some cases using if photon view (player tog object) is mine will have a similar effect. at least with my experience…

in my tutorials to come i will make a big deal of things are done by using the if photon view is mine to get your proper functions (i just moved and am settling in i plan on making another video soon )


Is it possible to create a mmorpg with the Photon Blox?

(Marshall Heffernan) #280

No way :wink:


Youd want to use Photon Server for that


It’s a simple mmorpg, for “few players”, Just the basics of an even mmorpg. Is not for mmorpg blockbusters, like archeage, black desert, elder scrolls etc kkkkkk Is for “small thing”