[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Hjupter Cerrud) #303

You can use PhotonNetwork.Player.tagObject to get the player Tag Object via script and for blocks there is Tag Object

(Hjupter Cerrud) #304

I’m fixing that problem with my forum this week, sorry about that.

For your question about DunGen well I’ve never used it before but Im sure its totally possible to sync procedurally generate dungeons this only needs to be created by the Master Client then master send information about the dungeon to other clients then they generate the dungeon. I bet DunGen have some way to get a serialized version of the generated dungeon somehow.

Your problems:

  1. Do you have your character prefab into a resources folder or have “Use Prefab Cache” and “Cache Actors” options both turn on in Photon Blox > Network Settings tab?.. sounds like the other client that can’t the see the player have an error probably can’t find the prefab of the character… How are you instantiating the character btw?

  2. There are two ways to make animations sync:

  • The first one is make them deterministic by the client so if your client throws a skill for example and you need to play a punch animation, play the animation when the skill happens in the other client.
    The other option is to use the Photon Animator View component and choose whatever you want to sync.
  1. Which Player Controller are you using? Navmesh works the best and its very smooth maybe you have something wrong configured or if you are not using Navmesh controller could be a bug since its been a while since the last time I updated other controllers.

@itsmars These answers are also for you :wink:

(Alien) #305


Will try those out. i don’t get errors…

but for 1… i will check cache actors. i only setup the “use Prefab Cache”.
will check the phton animator view, that’s what i was looking for…
3. I’m use the 3rd person by Invector. so that could be some of my issues… i will play around with the other controllers to see if the behavior persists.

Thanks again

(Alien) #306

ok. i removed the 3rd person by Invector and the controls and movement is much better.

i added the photon Animator view and that’s working better too… still needs a little work, but that might be just adjustments animation timing and setup.

Still cant see the other player though, only one way (client cant see, but host can). i have the player prefab setup in “Use Prefab Cache” and “Cache Actors” (i also have it in the resources directory, just in case).

I’m instantiating the player like this: basically if gameType = true (i.e. if multiplayer), photon spawn player. else spawn the single player version of the player prefab.

  • will check demo out. thanks

(Brian Bullard) #307

I’m trying to get the demo working and have a few errors, I tried emailing you but the email bounced. Do you have a new valid email address? I saw on the comments of the brain cloud asset that you had have issues with your host lately.

Also is there any place with a step by step guide on getting your demo working with
Photon / Plygame / Brain Cloud? I really think what you have done is awesome but to be honest it really suffers from no documentation on getting the demo stood up.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #308

Hey sorry about the trouble, you can write me at hjupter@gmail.com for now.

What errors are you getting right now? For now there is only a video on how to setup Photon Blox with plyGame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMhx48jftFg

Brain Cloud blox have a pretty straight forward demo to run any of the demos you need to import the plyData which its inside of a zip file.

(Brian Bullard) #309

Let me get back to you later. It is very possible that I missed a step in the process. I will get you some screenshots and make sure and watch that video and see if it resolves the issue. It had something to do with a rotate bloc missing in a reference if I recall.

(q0nqr) #310

Hello, this is a suggestion : add an integration of Invector in PhotonBlox.

I think this could be very useful because Invector is frequently used by unity dev^^.

(DarkDeivel) #311

Hello! How can I call rpc with only the player id?

And how can you call rpc only to a new connected player?

(Marshall Heffernan) #312

I gave up on Photon Blox a long time ago, but I’ve always been interested in UNET.

I’m hoping you can help me just spawn my player; I’ll figure out the rest myself.

I think plyGame doesn’t like me spawning my player with the Network Manager?

ActorClassesAsset line 38 says…

_instance = (ActorClassesAsset)GameGlobal.Instance.GetAsset<ActorClassesAsset>();

…and PlayerBaseController line 130 says…

PlayerSelectorsAsset sa = (PlayerSelectorsAsset)GameGlobal.Instance.GetAsset<PlayerSelectorsAsset>();

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Thanks @Hjupter.
(for spawning the player without error, using the NetworkManager, in UNET)

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #313

Hi there!Please help!!


(Sergey Ryabchenko) #314

Hello @Hjupter can you help me pls with the errors?

(Jamie pearce) #315

Good luck ive been trying to get a hold of him for the last few days on skype 2 mo ths ago he said he was gonna worm on bag sync and updaye his mini map came back from my 2 mo th break and nothing he must be busy.
I hope we both get nswerd soon

How are u spawbing the player if i may ask im able to spawn in just fine.
Do mes ur cjaracter spawn in and u get thos error or does nothing happen cause of this error if ur character does spawn in and this error accurs u might be calling to much stuff on ur character.
But thats even if ur that far in ur games design.

Let me know and i will try to help

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #316

I’am not spawning the player, I have just imported the asset in unity, also I imported Photon Networking…

(Jamie pearce) #317

Perhaos the version of photon is not suported i know ive yet to uodate my version of photon due to its usless add on that break photon blox

U will also need braincloud and a copy of braincloud blox witch is purchased off the asset store as seperate pack if hjuoters oackage has finally been released…

If it is due to updates then youd have to wait to hear from hjupter i still need to get a hold of him so if i do before he replys ill mention someones needing help

(Hjupter Cerrud) #318

Hey sorry for the late reply, looks like PUN (Photon Network…) updated a few things, send me a PM with your invoice number and I will send you the updated package, Ill push the update to the store anyways but that takes few days.

(Richard Kalimootoo) #319

Having the same issues as kotya.

(Jamie pearce) #320

Pm him with the same info he asked kotya to get the fix and please refrane from updateing photon if there are no updates to photon blox most photon updates is just adding new events and most of the events arnt in use with photon blox jist saying i used to have this issue alot until it was explained XD

(DarkDeivel) #321

When will there be a new version for 2017 unity and a new version of pun?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #322

Im working on it should be done this week.