[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(DarkDeivel) #323

Question 1: In games like World of Warcraft and others, if the player is away from monsters, they are disabled and turned on when the player approaches a certain distance. In plyGame there is NPC Manager, but when it disables monsters, it does not work correctly. How can this be realized? Because too many synchronized monsters that the player simply does not see.

Question 2: When a new player connects to all NPCs, Monsters and Player are at their starting positions. The synchronization of a new position occurs with the one who moves, can you synchronize positions immediately when the player connects?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #324

You could do this if the player is not the master client the other option is to disable other scripts, model etc instead of disable the gameObject. But this only solve processing or rendering overheads you would still have the problem of having too many npcs sync even if they are too far, for this you could use NetworkCulling PUN comes with a network culling script, take a look at the 4. Network Culling example scene I have setup in the package.
You can read more about it here: https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/pun/current/manuals-and-demos/culling-demo

(DarkDeivel) #325

I do not quite understand how this works. I created CullArea and divided into zones. Then, as I understood, I added the prefab of the player to the Network Culling Handler component. But during the test I did not notice any difference. And tell me please, prefab monsters, too, need to add the Network Culling Handler component?


@Hjupter , were you able to build documentation, update the demo video, or release the template? I have the same concerns as a few users that this is not being supported / developed further. The last Trello update was earlier this year. Thanks.

Sorry, I originally posted this on the Unity forums before I remembered you maintain this thread as well.

(Sergey Ryabchenko) #327

Hi! How can I use Json block in BrainCloudBlox ? Can you show an example in editor?

(Mordor) #329

You can make support asset Invector controller for Photon blox?


For anyone who’s still working this front, I happened across this, which might provide a less costly means of maintaining a multiplayer solution, as you wouldn’t need to lean on Photon for bandwidth (I think). PUN with client-hosting. Haven’t dug into it yet.

Edit: Nevermind, Exit Games confirmed it’s no longer being supported.

(Jamie pearce) #331

is it just me or has anyone else been having issues making a game using other controllers other then the top down nav

the sync doesnt work very well or a all with the normal top down and the third person

ive asked hjupter to lookinto it but hes busy and not sure when it can be fixd wanted to make a third person game but cant as only the rotation syncs :stuck_out_tongue: been having issues with the regular top down and third person controllers since day one no problems with the top down nav though works perfectly

(Jamie pearce) #332

hey community i was trying to make a trade system a few versions back had somthing sorta functioning but was slow cause it had to wait to update the remote via rpc call and local variables… im sure thats the worst way to do it but i have minimal code skills i cant write on my own but i can edit script just fine still need more learning but if any one has a trade system could you push me the right direction or maybe pm so we can talk XD
much appreciated


hi all got a problem with photon Blox - Multiplayer

1.when i build the game i get those errors

2.when playing the game i dont see any weapon in my hand the animation works

3.when playing the game the enemies only attack the master client and not the other clients

4.when closing the build game i get this error

dont know how to fix them and why i get those errors

ps : i only get those errors on Build Game on unity Self all is working fine