[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(Alexander) #101

Hey. Thank you for a great plugin! And how can you get the demo with the last update ?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #102

You are welcome! … you can download the demo with the link found on the txt file, anyways I’m going to upload an updated version right now.

(Alexander) #103

Thank you. Report as download new version.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #104

You can download it now!.. please write a review if you like it :smile:

(Hjupter Cerrud) #105

Price reduced to $30 at the Asset Store!

(RoyalGost) #106

What is this error?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #107

Hi, do you have Brain Cloud installed?

(RoyalGost) #108

No, it can no longer be downloaded from Asset Store, it is outdated. Can you share it?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #109

Hmm I can see that now, thats is not good. You can get it from here: https://github.com/getbraincloud/Unity-Csharp all you need is the content inside the src folder.

(RoyalGost) #110

Errors are gone, there are still those 3

(Hjupter Cerrud) #111

To get rid of those you can try close unity and open the project again if they are not gone by just clicking on the clear button

(RoyalGost) #112

Restart the project, click Clear, there was only this error

(RoyalGost) #113

Replaced optimization with .net 2.0 subset to .net 2.0, there was only 1 error
what could it be?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #114

From BrainCloud folder you only needed the content inside the src folder I see you imported everything, try deleting that BrainCloud/tests folder

(RoyalGost) #115


(RoyalGost) #116

how the authorization? Why a mistake? Maybe you need something to connect? enter personal data?

(RoyalGost) #117

all figured out)) sorry

(RoyalGost) #118

I go into the game with two windows when creating the room, it does not see a second window. Just writing Loading …
What did not? there are options?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #119

Did you created a new app for photon realtime and brain cloud and setup the app ids?

(RoyalGost) #120

Yes, otherwise I would not have run. What could be wrong? And the table with the records is not even, but simply loaded continuously. to write that no results or somebody else. And there’s just loading …