[Released] Photon Blox (plyGame Multiplayer)

(DarkDeivel) #121

Hi Hjupter!

I have a few questions:

1.) If I kill the enemy on the master client, then synchronization occurs at all, and the monster killed everyone, else if someone kills players at the opponent if he is not the master client, it occurs locally, how to be ??

2.) If you exit the game, and then re-enter the level, experience is not retained as the correct sync everything from brain cloud?

3.) Loot and each has its own …

4.) You can connect two identical accounts for Brain Cloud, how to make a check on what is already an account online?

5.) Need lesson how to create NPC, I tried a lot of ways, NavMesh, Car Controller, but never achieved the desired synchronization. They walk in sync, but if the monster is running the player, then the other player’s Monster calmly walks.

6.) I have displayed on the screen Mana, but still shows the value of Health. Bar and Text link is correctly.

P.s. Prefab “Slime” from you example.

Sorry for my English.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #122

Hey guys a new version is available at the asset store, here are the changes:


  • Improved synchronization of plyGame items using PhotonCrowdManager and PhotonObject attached to the item
  • Added new methods to Get or Set String, Int, Float and Bool on PhotonPlayerProps, also added a generic get/set function.
  • Fixed and improved Scoreboard
  • PhotonCharacter now automatically enforce a skill from a remote player to also hit the plyGame Player if its enemy, this prevents issues where skills won’t hit plyGame local Player
  • Added new On Combat and On Out of Combat events
  • Photon character now have exposed onHPChanged
  • Fixed issue with CharacterAttribute class not referencing the right attribute
  • Added new Scoreboard component
  • Renamed event On Photon Serialize to On Photon Serialize View
  • Photon Character now sync speed On Photon Serialize View
  • Photon Character now has the option to sync speed exposed on the inspector
  • Photon Raise Event block can take Int’s as it should now
  • Revamped Character Frame inspector and fixed some bugs
  • Fixed description for some blocks, make them throw proper error etc.
  • Photon VIew Is Mine will always return true if the game is offline or not connected to photon
  • Photon Character will be set as local player is game is offline or not connected to photon
  • GetRoomList block will now force call OnReceivedRoomListUpdate even
  • Fixed issues with ActionSlot when changing scenes
  • Fixed issue on SetRoom and SetPlayer properties where was not able to pass null values
  • Tweaked OnSceneLoad behaviour
  • PhotonDestroyHandler won’t try to destroy scene views anymore
  • Fixed an issue on CountOfTagObjects
  • Photon timer now gets reseted when left room
  • Fixed issues with timer
  • Added new Photon Clear Tag Object and PhotonClearPlayerTagObject blocks
  • Added new ProcessMessageQueue block
  • Some Tweaks and Fixes to the Photon CHaracter
  • Added new On Action Slot Ready event for ActionSlot component
  • Fixed issues with NPC’s and Character not working properly when using a pooling system
  • Fixed issues when destroying network objects
  • Slight performance improvement on PhotonCharacter component
  • Attributes from Character Frame component now have exposed on Attribute Went Down
  • Fixed an issue on PhotonCharacter where it was preventing to execute skills on remote players
  • Fixed an issue on PhotonCharacter and PhotonNPC not being initialized properly
  • Scoreboard now can use a player property called “CharacterId” to display characters previes
  • Added a new On Character Instantiated which will be called when the client Photon Character gets instantiated and its ready to use
  • Fixed an issue on PhotonTagObjectIsSet block
  • Fixed an issue on PhotonCharacterInspector where events was disabled
  • Added an option to Chat to only enable input on activation
  • Fixed an issue where tagobject for remote clients was not being set
  • Added new PhotonTransferOwnership block
  • Fixed issues with PhotonObjectDestoyHandler
  • Added Player TTL and publishUserID options on CreateRoom and JoinOrCreateRoom blocks
  • Added Interaction synch to Character, NPC’s and PhotonCrowdManager
  • Chat now can use TextMeshPro by setting the scripting define symbol USE_TEXTMESHPRO

I will be adding more demo scenes and more documentation in the next coming weeks. The demo template is also coming to the asset store as a free template.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #123

Photon Blox is on sale for Level 11 users:

(Brian Bullard) #124

I noticed you have some UI for quests and dialogue, are you planning on building out some questing / dialogue integration?

(Hjupter Cerrud) #125

Thats already there as part of plyGame, there is no need for me to do anything with it :slight_smile: http://www.plyoung.com/plygame/diaq.html

(Brian Bullard) #126

No problem, just wasnt sure if you had bigger plans for that as it pertains to networking.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #127

Not sure what else I could be doing with that tho. You don’t need to sync a quest over the network even tho its possible but Im not sure what would be use case.

(Brian Bullard) #128

No worries, maybe if you wanted to share a quest picked up by one player or something like that but, you are right as there isn’t a good use case for it normally.

(Hjupter Cerrud) #129

You can do that by calling a RPC Blox or Raise Event telling others that you picked up a quest.

(DarkDeivel) #130

Hello! Please tell me how to create a Brain Cloud base to record the value and read it? We need to use JSON? Need an example …



Id suggest looking up some tutorials on JSON and Online Databases and how to pull from them using code.

If these are totally foreign to you, you may want to hold off on implementing these features as they will be more appt to break and will lead to you being lost in development.

Heres some videos to get your started:

(Jamie pearce) #132

ill make a short video on how to setup brain cloud no code needed for the main setup its all done with blox

(DarkDeivel) #133

To view Brain Cloud previous login need to use JSON. I understand that you need to use a Dictionary which is in Ninjutsu Games section.

But I did not understand exactly how these data can be read using plyBlox

(Jamie pearce) #134

I had help from hjupter him self there is no need to use json file
Its all done via blox and you have to go to the braincloud portal and setup the definitions ill post the video some time tonight.
Unless your trying to do stuff that hjupter has not added to photon blox
Your able to get player level,xp,attribute levels,leaderboard,and achievements with blox and setting up the braincloud portal

(DarkDeivel) #135

Tell me please, Projectile skill effects and prefab are visible only locally, how to display all on-screen?

(Jamie pearce) #136

how are you instantiating the prefab and make sure the effect has a photon view

use the photon instantiate instead of plygame create(instantiate)
would have it show over network

(Hjupter Cerrud) #137

@premiumgamer You dont have to add a photon view to the effect nor instantiate it with photon that would be a waste of resources and bandwidth. You can read about it here: http://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/realtime/current/reference/analyzing-disconnects under the “Send Less” section.

@Andrei Make sure your PhotonCharacter component does have “Skill” turned on.

(DarkDeivel) #138

Thank you! I have another question.

These functions have no effect, objects do not create

(Kevin) #139

Anyone found a way to sync skills using at click position? I have a feeling it will take editing the skill script and recompiling plyrpg but was wondering if anyone else found a different approach?

(Gunhi) #140

I played around Full Demo and feel Unity run very slowly due to plyBlox. is this problem from plyBlox or from your asset? How can improve performance?